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Nowadays, high-performance computing is not only present in purely academic and scientific applications, but also in commercial areas. These include scenarios such as complex weather models, simulations in automotive or mechanical engineering, animations in films, research analyses or AI-based high-frequency trading of securities. In addition, companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence applications to minimize machine maintenance time via machine learning in production environments. HPC applications have become an innovation driver in many industries, so companies need to address the energy-efficient expansion of their data centers. nVent offers solutions support the highest performance classes and deliver the best possible energy efficiency.





High Density Liquid Cooling

Aisle Containment

Rear Door Cooling

In-Rack Cooling

In-Row Cooling

Power Management & Monitoring

Power Management

Monitoring Gateway

Access Control

Leak Detection

Fastening & Fixing

In-door grounding & Surges Protectives Devices

Signal Reference Grid

Surges Protective Devices

Fixing and Fastening

Fixing & Fastening

MEP Seismic

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