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Data center white space requirements are constantly changing: Computing power is increasing, operating costs need to be reduced, space is limited, and efficiency needs to be improved. nVent offers comprehensive data center infrastructure, advanced racks and enclosures, thermal management from air to high-density liquid cooling, redundant power, and remote environmental monitoring, cable management and leak detection.  Each component works together to create a modular, scalable solution to meet your needs



Racks & Enclosures

Server And Networking Cabinets

Open Frame Racks

Open Frame Racks

Wall-Mount Enclosures

Enclosures Accessories

Colocation Cabinets

Seismic Solutions

Cooling, Power Distribution & Cable Management

Cooling Solutions

Cable Support Systems

Power Management

Cable Management

Fixing, Fastening & Monitoring

Leak Detection

Access Control

Monitoring Gateway

High Performance Data Cable

Telescopic support brackets

EMC Solutions

Seismic bracing solution

Rigid Bracing

Cable Bracing

Rod Stiffeners

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