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The use of seismic solutions is recommended in areas where earthquake activity or excessive vibration are possible. These areas include seismic zones, power plants, railroads, airports, and other facilities where electrical and electronic equipment is mounted in racks that are subject to vibration and other motions that can place undue stress on the equipment frame, components, and connections. Under these conditions, adequate strength and rigidity of the enclosure frame is required. nVent's racks and enclosures with high strength and rigidity to protect operational and communication equipment during earthquakes or vibrations and other movements are perfect to enclose and protect your technological systems. The use of seismic solutions is recommended not only in areas where there is a risk of ground movement, but also where critical equipment is subject to vibrations and other movements that can cause overstressing of equipment frames, components and connections. Power plants, railroads, and airports are examples of applications where motion or vibration occurs that are not associated with seismic activity.



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