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Surge Protection Solutions

We Make Safe, Reliable, Quality Solutions to Meet Your Surge Protection Needs

Even with the best grounding and bonding system, electrical transient events and disturbances can cause a loss of electrical equipment and increase downtime. A coordinated surge protection system is crucial for ensuring protection during a major electrical event and prolonging the life of equipment by reducing the impact of low-magnitude transient events.

For both building power and low-voltage applications, nVent ERICO has the products and expertise for a comprehensive surge protection scheme on power and communication lines caused by lightning, building systems and other switching events. Our involvement in the industry predates the creation of the initial IEC and UL low-voltage surge protection standards, and we have been active in all major worldwide surge protective device (SPD) standards committees and industry bodies, including IEEE, IEC and UL.

Why Coordinated Surge Protection is Important

Surge Products

Lightning is the source of some of the largest magnitude transient events a facility will experience, but the largest number of damaging events are caused by power switching transients. Switching off inductive loads, such as motors, air conditioning plants, domestic appliances and even an office photocopier, can cause a transient of many thousands of volts.

Having a coordinated surge protection system to protect AC power feeders and data and communication systems is imperative in ensuring the reliable protection of structures, industrial and commercial operations, and personnel in the case of any electrical disturbance.


Power Protection

The first stage of defense is the installation of primary protection devices at the mains supply service entrance, followed by secondary protection at distribution branch panels and, where necessary, at point-of-use applications.

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Specialized Power Protection

For specialized applications, prevention against transients is only part of the solution. Some applications require more specialized SPDs to reduce noise, resolve harmonic distortion and provide maximum protection in the most extreme environments.

Data and Signal Protection

Lightning or induced surges can destroy or compromise signal communication systems and data. Data and signal surge protection devices are designed to provide transient protection for equipment from induced surges in a compact design.

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Experts Since 1903

For more than a century, nVent ERICO has been a leading expert in electrical protection solutions, pioneering standards across the industry. With operations in 30+ countries designed for localized solutions across the globe, we focus on supporting the industry through:  

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Standards Compliance

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Product Development

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Training and Best Practices

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Design Assistance + Specification

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Engineering Services

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Technical Support

Visit the nVent ERICO Engineering + Design Services Page

With more than 100 years of industry experience, including research, testing and product manufacturing, nVent ERICO employs an engineered approach when working with customers on lightning protection applications, ranging from small installations to multi-billion dollar, turnkey projects anywhere in the world. Our team of design and engineering specialists is here to help you build a reliable, comprehensive electrical grounding system. 

We take an approach to lightning protection to help customers identify the right solution for their needs. Our team of skilled engineers offers global technical support and several of our nVent ERICO employees sit on codes and standards committees that help shape industry requirements. 

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