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Lightning Protection Solutions

We make safe, reliable and high-quality solutions for every spec and project.

Lightning protection needs vary according to each specific facility. The requirements of telecom structures, buildings, power utility substations, transmission and distribution systems and grounding and bonding requirements can all vary greatly. In all cases, the purpose of a high-quality lightning protection system is to: 

  • Secure critical infrastructure and assets 

  • Provide protection in the event of unintentional contact between live conductors and bonded/grounded parts 

  • Ensure maximum safety from lightning 

nVent ERICO has the experts, experience and technology options to select and design the ideal lightning protection solution for your application from the ground up. 

Why Lightning Protection is Important

While lightning itself cannot practically be prevented, a lightning protection system is intended to control the passage of a discharge in such a manner that minimizes property damage or system disruption. In a world of increasingly complex and sophisticated facilities and equipment, lightning is a constant risk. A single direct strike can result in physical damage to buildings and catastrophic failure of equipment. It can start fires, cause major breakdowns to electrical, communications and utility installations, and simultaneously cause substantial loss of revenue.

Achieving an adequate level of protection results in the prevention of costly downtime. Proper protection of structures, operations and assets demands a systematic and comprehensive approach. A lightning protection system or expensive surge protective device (SPD) will not function properly without a good grounding system. A low-impedance grounding system may create hazards to personnel and equipment without proper bonding. These interdependent disciplines are best applied when considering a total facility, rather than an individual portion. 

Our Featured Products

ERICO_System3000.png image

nVent ERICO System 3000

Our premium, proprietary system for demanding applications and where other systems cannot be installed. 

ERICO_System2000.png image

nVent ERICO System 2000

Conventional lightning protection for when specifications require compliance with a specific standard that prescribes this design method.  

ERICO_System1000.png image

nVent ERICO System 1000

Early Steamer Emitter (ESE) system for when compliance with standards that call for ESE systems. 

What System is Right for You?

View our at-a-glance family selection guide to get started with nVent ERICO Lightning Protection. 


Expertise and Technologies Around the Globe

For more than a century, nVent ERICO has been a leading expert in electrical protection solutions, pioneering standards across the industry. With operations in 30+ countries designed for localized solutions across the globe, we focus on supporting the industry through:  

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Standards Compliance

LightningProtection_IconBuckets2.jpg image

Product Development

LightningProtection_IconBuckets1.jpg image

Training and Best Practices

LightningProtection_IconBuckets4.jpg image

Design Assistance + Specification

LightningProtection_IconBuckets5.jpg image

Engineering Services

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Technical Support

Visit our Engineering + Design Services Page

nVent ERICO has more than 100 years of industry experience, including research, testing and product manufacturing. We employ an engineered approach when working with customers on lightning protection applications, ranging from small installations to multi-billion-dollar turnkey projects.  Our team of Design and Engineering specialists is here to help you build a reliable, comprehensive electrical grounding system. 

We take an approach to lightning protection to help customers identify the right solution for their needs. Our team of skilled engineers offers global technical support and several of our nVent ERICO employees sit on codes and standards committees that help shape industry requirements. 

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