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Industrial Networking


Reliability plays an essential role in the successful operation of the manufacturing process and automation industries. Examples of areas where reliability is particularly important include CNC machines, the filling industry, and vision systems, where efficient and consistent operation in harsh or vibration environments is essential. Without reliability, the automation industry can experience significant downtime. Such disruption to production can be detrimental, as it can result in unanticipated and defective goods. For this reason, plants need industrial-grade network equipment that is resistant to damage from vibration and harsh environments to ensure constant operation and avoid downtime. nVent's extensive networking portfolio offers solutions for manufacturing facilities, outdoor telecom applications, or a nice cozy office environment, and everything in between.  Designed with installation and maintenance in mind, the products offer several proprietary solutions.



Racks & Enclosures

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Free-Standing Cabinets

WiFi Cabinets

Air Conditioned Cabinets

Seismic Cabinets

Cable Management, Pathways & Accessories

Cable Management

Cable Pathways


In-door grounding & Surges Protectives Devices

Signal Reference Grid

Ground Bar

Surge Protection Devices

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