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Seismic Bracing Solutions

We Make Seismic Simple

nVent CADDY Seismic Solutions protect people, property and equipment during and after a seismic event by ensuring business continuity and continued operation of critical infrastructure and services. nVent CADDY's innovative seismic bracing solutions reduce the total installed cost, and the provided installation technique training and guidance ensures seismic code and standards compliance. 

The nVent CADDY team makes seismic simple by:

  • Working with you to design a turn-key, fully engineered, complete bracing system that meets your needs
  • Identifying the appropriate products from the broad offering
  • Offering compatible fixing, fastening and support products
  • Explaining installation techniques and tips to meet the evolving codes and standards requirements 

From design to construction to inspection, we keep our process transparent to ensure a full understanding of the final bracing installation, whether it requires cable or rigid bracing solutions.

Our Offerings


  • Design Optimization
  • Bracing Layouts with Bill of Material
  • Stamped Drawings
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) design in Revit or IFC-format


  • Cable and Rigid Bracing
  • Innovative Products
  • Superior Solutions

Customer Experience

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Local Availability 
  • In-Market Support

Our Process

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Email your drawings to your sales respresentative or complete our contact form online.

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Receive a fully engineered, turn-key seismic solution customized to meet all code requirements.

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Work with one of our trusted distributors for easy ordering and fast delivery. 

Download Seismic Handbooks

An Industry First: Illustrated Handbook for Simplifying Seismic Protection


Whether you’re a part of the design, installation or inspection, installing sprinkler systems is complex—especially in seismic areas. To help simplify and speed up the process, nVent CADDY created a series of handbooks to serve as an easy-to-read breakdown of international codes and standards for seismic protection—particularly for fire sprinkler systems

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Seismic Handbook

Download Seismic Bracing Specifications from Product MasterSpec


Download specs for vibration, isolation and seismic sections for:

  • 210548 Vibration And Seismic Controls For Fire-Suppression Piping And Equipment
  • 220548 Vibration And Seismic Controls For Plumbing And Piping Equipment
  • 230548 Vibration And Seismic Controls For HVAC
  • 260548.16 Seismic Controls For Electrical Systems
  • 270548.16 Seismic Controls For Communications Systems

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Seismic Bracing Product Solutions

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Rigid Bracing

The nVent CADDY line of innovative rigid bracing products was designed to provide superior performance and meet the highest seismic load requirements. 

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Cable Bracing

nVent CADDY cable bracing is for all MEP components including fire sprinkler. Our cable bracing has no brace length limitation and is ideal when confined or crowded spaces make rigid bracing systems difficult to install.

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Rod Stiffeners

Secures pipe to threaded rod for stiffening. See nVent CADDY Rod Stiffener offerings here. 

Ready to get started?

Get in contact with us and let us know how we can assist with your upcoming seismic projects.