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Electrical Installation Solutions

Electrical fixing and fastening for safer, more efficient job sites

Since 1956, contractors have relied on the premium quality and ease of use of nVent CADDY products — an innovative and complete range of solutions. nVent CADDY solutions are there for customers through every step of the job, from design to installation to inspection.

Trust our innovative, easy-to-install, tool-free nVent CADDY electrical fixing and fastening solutions including:

Solve common worksite challenges, including building code requirements, project timeline challenges, skilled worker shortages, fire and life safety, and critical building and equipment protection, using nVent CADDY solutions. nVent CADDY products are engineered to be safe, fast and easy to use.

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nVent CADDY products are designed to have several tool-free components for a safer install with fewer tools needed.

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nVent CADDY products are designed to reduce the total amount of installation time and installed cost.These product solutions can also be prefabricated, moving a significant amount of work previously completed on lifts and ladders to ground level. 

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nVent CADDY products are designed to have secure hardware and fewer parts, and to require fewer tools, making installation easier by eliminating steps in the process and saving time overall.



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nVent CADDY prefab solutions are made for electricians, by electricians

From simple assemblies to complex systems, our team can do it all. nVent CADDY prefab solutions are customizable to work best for your project and come with a team to inspect and test all components. nVent CADDY prefab solutions come with: 

  • Layout drawings with each shipping carton that numerically identify each assembly location
  • Large assembly labels that include all the data required to install the assembly and the cable, including incoming and outgoing connections, mounting height and circuit information
  • Assemblies with an open-back system that allows all terminations to be made at the rear of the junction box





In Wall Panel

nVent CADDY has electrical fixing and fastening, in-wall and stud-wall product solutions for your job

nVent CADDY has a full range of innovative in-wall and stud-wall solutions that are strategically designed to be safe, fast and easy to use. These solutions can be easily mounted into wood or metal stud walls and include the following product areas:

  • Between stud box mounting brackets
  • Single box-to-stud
  • Prefabricated in-wall solutions
  • Screw gun brackets and raceway supports



Ceiling and Acoustical

nVent CADDY Ceiling Parts

nVent CADDY hangers, fasteners, clips and clamps make ceiling and acoustical work a snap

Secure ceilings, light fixtures, outlet boxes and more with solutions expressly designed to help contractors work faster.

With a wide variety of choices for simple to complex installations, nVent CADDY ceiling and acoustical fastening, hanging and support products make every job easier.

The benefits of in-ceiling installations:

  • Adaptable and flexible to the unique needs of the job site
  • High gripping force
  • High load capacity due to high tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent material compatibility across various substrates
  • Simplified installation

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Electrical Structural Attachments

Learn more about the wide range of electrical structural attachments for cable and conduit including beam, deck, cable tray and several other clamps and clips.

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Solar Farm

nVent CADDY deck attachments increase installation efficiency and flexibilty

nVent CADDY deck supports are a fast and secure method to install deck conduit and in-wall electrical box installations. This product solution offers functionality to a range of concrete deck thickness and conduit configurations. The FBS series is designed to provide positional flexibility in application with the added securement of CADDY fasteners. Available in a range of support heights, trapeze configurations and accessories.

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