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Cable Management Solutions

nVent CADDY Cable Management Solutions

We are always looking for more ways to lower your total installation costs, reduce the use of tools and elevate safety by incorporating new features into our product portfolio. This thinking already extends to over 3,000 fixing and fastening solutions for all structure types, from steel to concrete and to an ever-expanding array of cable management ranges that carry the same high-quality promise.

Backed by our extensive customer service and dedication to contractors’ demands, nVent CADDY offers products you know and trust; products that are suitable for thousands of electrical and datacom applications, from snap clips to metal pressure clips and J-Hooks, to a full range of wire basket trays, perforated cable trays and cable ladders.

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Choose the right cable support for your project

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What Type of Cables Require Support?

Power Cables: twisted-pair cables, multi-conductor cables and more.
Data Cables: PoE (LED lights, security, building automation), fiber-optic cables, coaxial cables and more.  

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What Type of Angles are on the Path?

Data center in electrical/datacom applications, keep bending radii in mind, as transmission integrity could suffer if cables are bent at extreme angles.

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Will the Cables Need Fire Protection?

The type of cable you are running and the system it powers can also affect whether you need fire integrity-rated products according to DIN 4102-12.

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What Type of Support is Best?

Do you want a continuous or non-continuous system? For continuous, choose cable trays; for non-continuous, use J-hooks.

Continuous vs. Non-Continuous Systems

Continuous support systems consist of cable trays or other supports that run along the entire length of a cable run. In Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, these may be perforated to allow heat dissipation, or designed in a way that wires are spread out to avoid heat buildup. Alternatively, non-continuous options provide support at intervals for cables. J-hooks, popular for electrical/datacom applications, are an example of a non-continuous support component that holds up cables at a lower cost than cable trays while providing strong heat-dissipation performance. The nVent CADDY J-Hook System is the only J-Hook that provides proper bend radius (greater than 4x cable diameter per ISO/IEC 14763-2). Non-continuous pathway support solutions, like J-hooks, are up to 70% faster to install than continuous solutions, are often more cost effective and tend to require less material.

Many contractors and designers in Europe are more accustomed to continuous solutions, like cable trays, especially for open-ceiling installations, and thus favor them in most applications. Regardless of your preference, nVent CADDY offers a wide variety of both continuous and non-continuous fixing, fastening and support products, providing many options for effective cable management design.

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A Variety of Installation Methods

Supporting and accommodating data cables, and understanding the different installation methods and their needs, are essential components of any properly designed cable management system. The nVent CADDY Cable Management range combined with the nVent CADDY’s extensive fixing and fastening solutions is suitable for any type of electrical or datacom installation: from threaded rods to celling, beam, trapeze, rooftop/ground or wire hanging support. Choose nVent CADDY for faster, easier and safer electrical and datacom installations.

Cable Support Systems and J-Hooks

Clips, Clamps and Retainers

Explore these products, including key nVent CADDY product families, in the full brochure.

Wire Basket Tray Solutions

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nVent CADDY offers wire basket tray solutions with a patented, tool-free, integrated coupling system, removing the need to use joining accessories in wire basket tray installations. Its versatility and performance allow it to meet the specific needs of any type of infrastructure. The nVent CADDY Wire Basket Trays reduce installation costs and time by integrating their own fixing system.

Being the only wire basket trays to take advantage of the elastic properties of steel, they provide greater resistance and safety, in addition to having a longer lifespan. The high quality of steel ensures higher endurance, workloads, resistance on welding points and durability due to corrosion protection treatments.

Perforated Cable Tray Solutions

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nVent CADDY Perforated Cable Tray Solutions are a tool-free, fast-fitting, perforated cable tray system. This coupling system for perforated cable trays has been engineered with enhanced speed of installation and ease of use to provide a commercial advantage in a market where efficiency of time is imperative.

Cable Ladder Solutions

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nVent CADDY offers a cable ladder solution for fast installation, reduced costs and quick installation. The special profiled side section enhances structural rigidity, increases internal width for cables, increases performance coupling, and safety edge. The slotted side section allows faster installation, as the ladder can be cut to any length and coupled without on-site drilling. It also fixes to ladder sides and reduces weight.

Need additional help?

Get in contact with nVent CADDY and let us know how we can assist with cable management solutions, expertise or our product offering.