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Datacom and Cable Management Solutions

Find Your Ideal Datacom and Cable Management Solutions

nVent CADDY is always looking for more ways to lower total installation costs, reduce the use of tools and elevate safety by incorporating new features into our product portfolio. This thinking already extends to over 3,000 fixing and fastening solutions for all structure types, from steel to concrete and to an ever-expanding array of datacom and cable management ranges carrying the same high-quality promise. 

nVent CADDY offers products suitable for thousands of electrical and datacom applications—from snap clips to low profile accessory supports and J-Hooks, to a full range of wire basket trays, perforated cable trays and cable ladders. 

You can trust nVent CADDY to bring you the highest quality electrical and datacom solutions for the lowest total installed cost, and to protect your electrical equipment from failure that could adversely affect safety and plant availability. 

Choose the Solution That's Right for You:

Data and Networking Solutions

Learn more about our nVent CADDY WBT Performance Cable Tray System offering in North America 

Cable Management Solutions

Learn more about our cable management product offering in Europe.