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Structural Attachments

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H-Ti/T Rod to Flange Clip

Easy, hammer-on method to secure threaded rod from a structural steel flange.
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Push Install Rod Hanger

Convienent, push to install rod hanger that attaches to various structural substrates for a variety of applications. No tools required for a worry free installation.
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122 Series Z Purlin Clip

Effective way to secure conduit and electrical boxes from a Z purlin structural element.
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TDH Trapezoidal Deck Hanger

Trapezoidal deck hanging attachment with unthreaded hole and locking bar.
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EM-HEX Rod Coupler

Connectors and couplers for joining externally threaded pipe or thread.
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HangerMate® Hex Drive Socket

Drive socket for installing HangerMate® anchors.
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Hammer-On Flange Clip, Bottom Mount

Easy to install, hammer on fastener designed to support various cable and conduit applications to structural steel beam elements. The multiple attachments points provides flexibility and accesibility for the installer.
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300 Universal Beam Clamp

Reversible beam clamp for use with standard flange widths.
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Fixture Support from Plain Rod/Wire

Quick and efficient method to secure plain rod and wire to bar joist for a wide range of applications.
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Thread Install Rod Hanger

Effective means to support threaded rod applications to concrete walls and other CADDY fasteners.