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Seismic Bracing Systems

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Rigid Bracing

Rigid Bracing

Cable Bracing

Cable Bracing

Branch Line Restraint System

Branch Line Restraint System

Rod Stiffeners

Rod Stiffeners

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Branch Line Restraint Pipe Attachment

Ideal for restraining 1" (25 mm) through 2" (50 mm) branch lines using threaded rods.
PH33587.jpg image

Cone Point Shear Bolt

Cone point bolt with snap-off bolt headfor easy installation and inspection of seismic sway braces.
PH32365.jpg image

Pipe Rod Stiffener

Seismic protection device that secures pipe to stiffen threaded rod against seismic induced vertical uplift.
PH34595.jpg image

Manual Swaging Tool

Single size and multi-size tool to swage (crimp) oval sleeves onto cable (wire rope) brace to lock it in place.
PH32384.jpg image

Cable Spool

Spool of pre-stretched color coated restraint cable for seismic bracing.
PH32375.jpg image

Multi-Size Manual Swaging Tool

Hand swaging tool used to swage oval sleeve lock onto multiple sizes of cable bracing.
PH39084.jpg image

Cable Spool, Stainless Steel

PH22643.jpg image

Strut Rod Stiffener

Secures strut channel to multiple sizes of threaded rod for stiffening.
PH38646.jpg image

Universal Sway Brace

Easy slip-on seismic sway brace for single pipes.
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Steel Flange Adapter

Adapter used to fasten a seismic brace to a steel flange.