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nVent CADDY Prefab

nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions are made for electricians by electricians.

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Our method has been developed over a decade to significantly reduce scrap and re-work costs for installers, setting the standard for electrical prefabrication.

Meet the challenging schedule demands in today’s commercial construction environment by trusting the team with more than 600 successful complete projects. Our method helps to reduce or eliminate pre-construction costs, excess inventory of components and sourcing-related issues of spot buying and partial shipments.            

Utilizing the nVent CADDY proprietary open back box, our system is the only option on the market that allows electrical contractors the ability to pre-install devices without the need to drop the mudring to terminate. nVent CADDY Prefab products are UL Listed. 

Ready to get started with nVent CADDY Prefab? 

nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions provides a range of customized assemblies to fit the unique needs of the most complex projects. Complete our form and a local nVent CADDY representative will contact you to discuss your project requirements.


Our Prefab Solutions

nVent CADDY Components

Customer-inspired, premium quality nVent CADDY Components and solutions will elevate your experience on the job while saving you time and money. These prefab products are an upgrade to legacy nVent CADDY prefab products.

Order any component individually, and install more efficiently than competitive solutions making it easy to prefabricate complex assemblies.

nVent CADDY Pre-Assembled Products

With nVent CADDY Pre-Assembled Products, standardlize basic assemblies for common on-the-job installations, and expedite installation while maintaining consistency and optimizing on-site skilled labor. 

Partner with a distributor who can deliver and stock nVent CADDY assemblies and reduce your material management costs.

Includes Standard Pre-Assembled Products and Custom Pre-Assembled Products (more details below).

nVent CADDY Full Prefab

Our nVent CADDY Full Prefab offering provides a flexible, convenient and comprehensive solution to support even the most customized jobs. With full prefab, eliminate on-site assembly and reduce installation cost. 

  • Design, assemble and ship by floor to mitigate excess inventory and accommodate change orders.
  • Configure assemblies depending on your project type and schedule.
  • Design to project specifications.

Full Prefab Projects include:

  • Design and engineering, layout or installation drawings for each room.
  • Product assembled and shipped by floor or area.
  • Electrical support throughout quoted project.

Custom Pre-Assembled Products

Customized assemblies typically include:

  • Standard Prefab Assembly with added devices and/or cable
  • Customized assembly based on specific need

COMING SOON: Custom Pre-Assembled Products Brochure

Featured Products

PH39977m tb series.jpg image

nVent CADDY "TB" Series Product Line

  • Products designed to make installing boxes between studs easier, repeatable and reliable
  • Standardized basic assemblies for common on-the-job installations
  • Maximize job efficiency with these in-wall products
PH40882.jpg image

Adjustable Mudring

  • No need to change mudrings based on wall thickness
  • Adjust from 5/8" to 1-1/4" after drywall is installed
  • Easily accommodate tile or backsplashes without changing mudring
PH41105.jpg image

Patented Open Back Box

  • Ability to wire device without removing mud ring
  • Ease of access after drywall is hung through open back box
  • Simplifies inspection process
PH39274g.jpg image

Load Centers

  • Produced and delivered with nVent CADDY Full Prefab solution
  • Available for MC, AC or NM cable
  • Stored in the nVent CADDY facility until needed on the project site

The Design Process - Full Prefab

Prefab Process Graphic

Through the design process, your project is assigned and managed by one of our experienced electricans, a team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field.

Download our nVent CADDY Full Prefab Design Process + Install Flyer Here:



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