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Apprenticeship and Studies at nVent



Every year, nVent offers apprenticeship and study programs in various professions at its Straubenhardt (Germany) location, which manufactures nVent SCHROFF products. There is something for everyone!

The training is preceisely planned and additional workshops are offered in the training process. Personal responsibility and business skills are emphasized. This means that you will also be given responsibility as a trainee at an early stage. Usually this is done through smaller projects which you solve independently in cooperation with your supervisor. Teamwork will allow you to develop your creativity, commitment and initiative. At the same time, you benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues.


After your training you can expect interesting activities in international teams with colleagues who are looking forward to meeting you! You will learn a lot, have fun and succeed. At nVent in Straubenhardt (Germany) you will work and live in the middle of nature and yet can be quickly in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim or Stuttgart. Regionally, we are a "hidden gem", but globally, in our internationally operating company, the whole world is open to you.



Construction mechanic | Job description
Tool mechanic | Job description
Industrial mechanic | Job description
Specialist for warehouse logistics | Job description
Warehouse clerk | Job description
Electronics Engineer, Devices and Systems | Job description
Electronics Engineer, Operation Technology | Job description
Media Technologist | Job description                                               



  • Start: September 01, 2022
  • Location: Straubenhardt, Germany

Please send your application to: 
[email protected]

We Connect and Protect




nVent is a leading global supplier for the protection and cooling of electronic systems.

The product portfolio includes electronics cabinets, systems, subracks, enclosures and much more. At our location in Straubenhardt, Germany, we work in an international team of almost 700 employees on innovative solutions for tomorrow. As a leading global supplier of products for the protection and cooling of sensitive electronics, we are successful in future-oriented markets worldwide.

Technical Apprenticeship Programs



Electronics Engineer

Operation Technology

Apprenticeship Program


Electronics Engineer

Devices and Systems

Apprenticeship Program


Tool Mechanic

Apprenticeship Program


B.Eng. Mechatronics

Study Program (DHBW)


Industrial Mechanic

Apprenticeship Program


Construction Mechanic

Apprenticeship Program


Media Technologist

Screen Printing

Apprenticeship Program


Technical Product Designer

Apprenticeship Program


Administrative Apprenticeship Programs



Industrial Clerk

Foreign Trade & Marketing

Apprenticeship Program


B.A. Business Admininstration

Industrial Management

Dual Study Program (DHBW)


Warehouse Clerk

Apprenticeship Program


Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

Apprenticeship Program



High Practical Relevance

During your apprenticeship program you will visit all departments relevant to your profession. This will not only help you find out more about your personal strengths and preferences for your career, but you will also create an internal network of colleagues.


Extraordinary Training Program

Your apprenticeship is not only about internal know-how, but also about the development of further competencies. nVent supports you in developing professional, methodical, social and personal competences. Various techniques for teamwork, communication and conflict management - or moderation and presentation techniques, as well as project management, complement the pure in-house training.

Learn more


Workplace & Organization

30 vacation days

Overtime account and flexitime model

Regular feedback meetings

Development opportunities and career assistance

Employee activities and team events

Health promotion in cooperation with the "Techniker Krankenkasse"

In-house doctor



1st Year: € 1.037,00 per month

2nd Year: € 1.102,00 per month

3rd Year: € 1.199,00 per month

4th Year: € 1.264,00 per month

All apprentices at nVent in Straubenhardt receive the same apprentice salary with a weekly working time of 37.5 hours.


First-Class Support

Your professional and personal development is very important to us. At nVent, you will be supported by two full-time instructors, seven part-time instructors, and 21 additional training representatives in the respective departments. All of them are experienced colleagues who will support you with advice and assistance.


Financial Benefits

Benefits Effective for Retirement ("AVWL")

Payment of travel costs/ bus ticket

Vacation pay and Christmas bonus

Free parking spaces

Stock purchase program

nVent contributes financially in the food & drinks in the canteen


Perspectives after the Program

At nVent, the takeover is a high-level goal of the apprenticeship program. In the past, all apprentices and students who have shown good performance and commitment have been taken on.


Advanced Education after the Program

Additional education does not have to end after the apprenticeship program!

If you have achieved good results during your apprenticeship, showed motivation and enthusiasm for your profession, nVent will support you in your professional development, which can be for example a technician, master craftsman, business management or an additional Bachelors' or Masters' program.

Success Stories

nVent SCHROFF Auszubildender Jelle Rad

Currently: Specialist for metal technology

Jelle Rad

On September 10, 2018, I applied for a occupational practical year at nVent (Chance M&E). Since I didn't know exactly which apprenticeship I wanted to do, this was the right choice to get a deeper look into the metalworking industry. I spent the next 11 months in different departments where I did different jobs. Since the company is broadly set up, you get insight from the receipt of goods, over the sales department, up to the final assembly, it never gets boring. I quickly realized that I liked working in such a company, so I successfully applied for a job as a metal technology specialist. Since 01.09.2019 I have been an apprentice at nVent.

nVent SCHROFF Trainee Henrik Niemann

Currently: Technical Product Designer

Henrik Niemann

In September 2018 I have started my apprenticeship as a Technical Product Designer specialized in machine and system design at nVent in Straubenhardt. I really enjoy my apprenticeship, because we learn how to properly select the various materials for products and how to build complex 3D models with the computer using CAD. I also think it's great that we do a run-through in the company during our apprenticeship to get to know the different departments better. What I really like is that you are quickly integrated into the company. As an apprentice, you notice that your own work is appreciated.

nVent SCHROFF Jannes Kern

Currently: Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

Jannes Kern

On 01.09.2018 I started an apprenticeship as a specialist for warehouse logistics at nVent in Straubenhardt. Since 01.09.2020 I am already in my 3rd year of apprenticeship and have a lot of fun at work. What I find especially enjoyable in my apprenticeship is that I run through almost every department (including the commercial ones) and thus get a lot of variety. Twice a week I visit the Friedrich-List School in Karlsruhe. In any case of problems I can always contact my instructor.

nVent SCHROFF - Melanie Bastian

Formerly: Industrial Clerk

Melanie Bastian

In 2010 I started my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with additional qualification in foreign trade at nVent. Afterwards I worked for several years in the area of customer care, taking care of all kinds of customer concerns. Through vocational education and training I was able to qualify for my current position. Today I lead a team of several people in the area of Customer Care, which is responsible for the support of trading partners in Europe. During the apprenticeship I enjoyed the fact that I was able to gain insights into every department of the company and meet many colleagues personally. Even today, this networking still helps me in my everyday work.


Formerly: Tool Mechanic 

Stefan Fohmann

I started my apprenticeship as a tool mechanic, specialized in punching and forming technology on 01.09.2007. During my versatile apprenticeship, in which I developed a passion for complex systems and precise relations, I was able to start a job in the in-house tool shop. I was supported by nVent in my desire to continue my education and was able to qualify as a technician, specialized in mechanical engineering, from 2012 to 2014. After my further education I had the chance to take up a responsible, diversified position in the construction of operating equipment. There I design devices, punching tools and special machines for our production departments which are then manufactured in our tool shop. On the one hand this enables efficient production and on the other hand it makes the work for our team much easier.

nVent SCHROFF Global Campaign Manager Tamara Bahr

Formerly: Industrial Clerk

Tamara Bahr

In September 2008, I started with an apprenticeship program at nVent in Straubenhardt as an industrial clerk with an additional qualification in International Marketing. During the apprenticeship it became clear that I was developing a special passion for marketing and communications. After successfully finalizing the program, I've been offered a job in international event management. My desire for continuous development was supported by nVent SCHROFF, among other things I have been supported in my part-time study to finalize a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, HR Marketing. Since January 2018, I have been a Global Marketing Campaign Manager and responsible for promotion of solutions within the railway and transportation industry.

Behind the Scenes

Insights into the apprenticeship workshop

One of the most important places for our industrial, tool and construction mechanics (m/f/d) is the in-house apprentice workshop department. Our well experienced instructors - Mr. Spiess and Mr. Sarbacher - are always at your disposal. They will teach you all the important skills and abilities required for your job at nVent. By the way: Our administrative apprentices also get an insight into the apprentice workshop.

Introducing your Trainers


Sabine Strnadl

"Apprenticeship for me is about: accompanying young people in their first steps into working life, supporting, motivating, making them professionally and personally prepared for the future".


Reinhard Spiess

"Since September 2000 I have been apprenticing tool and industrial mechanics. It makes me happy being able to contribute to the professional and personal development of the apprentices every year. I am happy to pass on my knowledge and experience so that the apprentices of today become good specialists of tomorrow."

nVent SCHROFF Trainer Claudia Legner Schmid

Claudia Legner-Schmid

"I am happy to be an instructor for our technical product designers, as this is a creative profession that is constantly changing due to new technologies.

The apprenticeship is successful if the apprentices develop their own ideas and perfect them with the skills they have acquired."


Jürgen Kunz

"For me, the apprenticeship at nVent is an essential contribution to the sustainability of the company. Being an instructor means to teach skills and competences in order to optimally prepare the apprentices for the digital working world".

Impressions from our Production

In English, with subtitles.



Commercial Apprenticeship Programs


Mechanic Apprenticeship Programs


Electronics Apprenticeship Programs


Product Design Apprenticeship Program


Apprenticeship Programs in Logistics


Media Technologist & Screen Printing Apprenticeship Program


Dual Study Program (DHBW)

Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Management


Dual Study Program (DHBW)

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechatronics

Student Internships

Would you like know how it is like to work in a large company?

At nVent, you can do a internship during school vacations and also within the framework of "BORS" or "BOGY".


Possible fields of application

  • Sales
  • Marketing Communications
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Production & Logistics
  • Lean Management
  • Product Development
  • Human Resources

Apply now

What belongs in the application?

  • Covering letter | This should provide information about you and your motivation for the respective education/course of study. 
  • Curriculum Vitae | This can also include a photo of yourself, your hobbies, your involvement in associations or honorary posts and any special skills.
  • School Certificates | Please include scans of your last two school certificates or your final school reports. You are also welcome to add certificates so that we can get a better picture of you.

Your contact to the nVent SCHROFF location in Straubenhardt:

Please send your application preferably by e-mail using the following address:
Sabine Strnadl
Langenalber Str. 96-100
75334 Straubenhardt, Germany

Phone: +49.7082.794.214
E-Mail: [email protected]