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Trackside Signaling & Rail Stations

Rugged enclosure solutions that protect critical trackside electronics

For trackside signaling and rail stations, nVent SCHROFF offers a wide range of outdoor enclosures and cooling systems for applications, as well as indoor solutions for electronics contained in trackside buildings.

Electronic enclosures for railway applications require robust mechanical construction that can withstand heavy shocks, vibrations and overall challenging environmental conditions where railroads operate day-in and day-out. nVent SCHROFF provides enclosures specifically for trackside signaling applications, offering a wide range of products that hold multiple international rail certifications. We offer a wide range of cabinets, wall-mounted cases, and subracks for trackside signaling electronics with designs based on standard platforms that can easily be scaled or customized to meet individual requirements.

Application overview

Trackside Signaling

Robust outdoor cabinets and cooling solutions used in trackside signaling applications, and on railway platforms, with solutions tested and certified for railway use/applications.

Lineside Signal Boxes

Enclosure solutions for signal box computers featuring a shielded 19” subracks and special backplane, designed for safe operation in temperatures of -20°C to +70°C.

indoor cabinet for railway

Electronic Systems in Railway Stations

Indoor cabinets for railway electronics housed in data centers and control rooms, featuring EMC shielding and numerous nVent cable management solutions.

Featured Products

Outdoor Modular for Railway

EuropacPRO kit, heavy design, shielded, EN 50155

Varistar EMC Cabinet, with fan top cover

CompactPCI System

Benefits of our Railway solutions for signaling and alarms:

  • Safe and secure: toughest protection against vandalism and extreme temperatures environmental conditions
  • Shock and Vibration certified
  • Efficient: energy-efficient climate control
  • Quiet: exceptionally low noise level
  • Flexible: modular product platforms let you tailor your solution to your needs 

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Interested in our SCHROFF rail certifications?

We’re proud to serve the railways with enclosures that maintain an array of international rail certifications, demonstrating our compliance to standards that ensure safety and reliability in rail infrastructure.