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Onboard Control & Communications Systems

Solutions for onboard control and communications systems 

nVent SCHROFF keeps rail vehicles running smoothly with enclosure solutions for onboard electronics and embedded communication systems. For more than 50 years, nVent SCHROFF has been the leading provider of enclosure solutions for electronic applications, featuring products specifically designed for the railway industry. We serve the global railways with high-quality enclosures that resist shock and vibration to provide robust shielding for critical electronic system and offer value-added features that include cooling solutions that protect against internal overheating.

train interior

Onboard control systems

nVent SCHROFF provides cabinets, sub-racks, and front panels that encase the onboard electronics of train control systems with durable solutions that can withstand railway shock and vibration.

man using a mobile with wireless connection inside a train

Communication systems

nVent SCHROFF protects onboard communication systems with cases and cooling systems for small form factor computers and other high-end applications that transit data.

Featured Products

EuropacPRO kit, heavy design, unshielded, EN 50155

EuropacPRO kit, heavy design, shielded, EN 50155

Embedded CoM System

Automatic Train Control Systems (ATC)

nVent SCHROFF GL66, EuropacPRO

nVent SCHROFF GL66, EuropacPRO Solution for onboard control systems, secure housing for computers with the nVent SCHROFF GL66 enclosures (IP 66) with EuropacPRO 19” subracks and customized front panels.


Mobile Wi-Fi & IOT Systems

nVent SCHROFF Interscale Solutions

Cases and cooling solutions for small-form-factor boards used in mobile Wi-fi and railway IOT applications, meeting the high-tech needs of the industry with standard platforms and custom designs. 

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Measurement Systems Along the Tracks

Customized diecast enclosures

Highly robust/rugged customized diecast enclosures for rugged environments and high shock and vibration requirements including innovative conduction cooling solutions.

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Interested in our SCHROFF rail certifications?

We’re proud to serve the railways with enclosures that maintain an array of international rail certifications, demonstrating our compliance to standards that ensure safety and reliability in rail infrastructure.