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Supplier Diversity at nVent

Supplier diversity is an essential pillar of our Inclusion & Diversity strategy.  Including Diverse Suppliers in sourcing activities promotes engagement, growth and innovation. 

We understand the importance of building relationships with local vendors in communities around the globe; and that will remain a focus. During our first program year, reporting metrics will be limited to the United States.

In 2021, nVent Supplier Diversity will focus on U.S. based suppliers that support nVent’s indirect services and material requirements.

In 2022, the program will expand to include logistics and direct material suppliers whose materials and services are incorporated into nVent products sold to customers.

Learn More About Our Supplier Diversity Program

Defining a Diverse Supplier

There are many ways a supplier can be diverse. The nVent Supplier Diversity Program defines diverse suppliers as companies that are certified as:

• Small Businesses

• Women-owned

• Minority-owned

• Veteran-owned

• Disadvantaged-owned

• Disabled-owned

• LGBTQ+ owned

How Do I Become a Diverse Supplier?

Your organization will need to obtain a third-party certification in order to be considered a diverse supplier. This is to protect the integrity of nVent’s supplier diversity program. You can find more information on how to become certified as a diverse supplier on If you are already a diverse supplier, please contact us at [email protected]