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A More Sustainable and Electrified World

At nVent, our solutions connect and protect a more sustainable and electrified world, bringing efficiency, resiliency and safety to critical systems around the globe. 

Innovating for Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been a critical part of who we are and how we have operated since the beginning of our company. At nVent, we focus our ESG efforts in three areas: People, Products and Planet.
ESG at nVent

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We Connect and Protect a More Sustainable and Electrified World

As the electrical systems that power our world become more sustainable and electrified, we must adapt to changing technologies and changing needs. At nVent, we help improve energy efficiency, provide end-user safety, reduce installation time, add resilience and protect mission critical systems. We help our customers innovate for our electrified world. We drive energy efficiency and cooling innovation in data centers, we bring resiliency and cutting-edge protection to power utilities and renewable energy operations, we provide labor saving solutions for industrial automation - but that only scratches the surface. With high-quality solutions and decades of industry expertise across all our key verticals, we are equipped to meet the demands of a more electrified world and help our customers prepare for a sustainable future.

Featured Stories

Learn how our products and solutions are being deployed to drive energy efficiency, resiliency and protection, product lifespan and serviceability, time and labor savings, and safety.

Modernizing Power Management for Data Centers

Global demand for data is increasing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, the proliferation of cloud and high-performance computing and digitalization trends are driving the need for more data centers, IT infrastructure and communications technology.

Understanding Blue vs. Green Hydrogen

As the world becomes more sustainable and electrified, renewable fuel sources will play a key role in our future. One of these renewable sources is hydrogen, which can be used to power vehicles, generate electricity and heat homes and businesses.

What is Carbon Capture and Sequestration?

As the world moves towards more sustainable energy solutions, carbon capture and sequestration is an important energy transition technology. Carbon capture technology can be used on its own to directly capture CO2 in the air, or it can be used in tandem with other industrial processes to clean up emissions and reduce impact on the environment.

When Designing Data Centers, Do Not Ignore Leak Detection

As the world becomes more digitalized and electrified and the need for data centers increases, ensuring facility protection, performance and winter safety is paramount. With nVent’s leak detection solutions, data center managers can quickly identify and monitor any potential leaks, adding critical reliability and protection to the data center environment.

Focusing on People, Products and Planet

We are driving continuous improvement in ESG by setting and reporting on long-term goals in each of our three focus areas. Learn more about our ESG progress.

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Our solutions are helping build a more sustainable and electrified world. 

We help enable increased energy efficiency, more power in smaller spaces and the growth of sustainable infrastructure. Our solutions add resiliency to critical systems by protecting them from natural and manmade threats. We help our customers extend the lifespan of critical systems, reducing waste and lowering total installed cost.  

Electrification is driving rapid expansion. Our solutions are easy to install and service, saving time and money for our customers and keeping critical systems running smoothly. As the world becomes more electrified, safe operations are essential. We develop easy-to-use products and solutions that improve end-user safety and experience, and help our customers improve the safety of their operations.


Precision Liquid Cooling Solutions

Energy Efficiency

Precision liquid cooling solutions regulate heat in data center server racks and keep IT equipment at appropriate operating temperatures. Liquid cooling solutions can increase processing throughput while minimizing environmental impact by allowing more servers to fit in a single enclosure and using energy more effectively. We offer a wide variety of liquid cooling and hybrid solutions that help data centers efficiently cool critical IT systems. For example, the RackChiller CDU800 Coolant Distribution Unit is the first standardized liquid cooling unit under the nVent HOFFMAN brand. The high-density cooling server rack maximizes energy efficiency while taking up minimal floor space relative to the amount of equipment it can hold. The unit also utilizes nVent’s leak detection technology both inside and outside the unit to quickly detect and isolate any potential damage.

Precision liquid cooling reduces or eliminates the need for facility air handling, reducing the power consumed by air handling by 40-60%. Power usage effectiveness (PUE) describes how much of the energy that comes into a data center facility is used to power IT equipment. Lower PUE means that data centers are using less energy on things like facility operations and cooling and more on running IT equipment. Typical air-cooled installations run around the industry average of 1.59 PUE. Liquid-cooled installations run from 1.20 to 1.03 PUE depending on the specific liquid cooling technology utilized.

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