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Electrical Safety

Improve safety and minimize risk

Secure critical assets. Rely on our specially designed electrical safety products and solutions to prevent and mitigate hazards. We offer comprehensive, industry-leading safety solutions to protect your people and equipment, while preventing and mitigating electrical hazards.

From disconnect enclosures to safety accessories, our products and solutions are engineered to the industry’s most stringent IEC, UL IP and NEMA standards.

Disconnect Enclosures

Isolate live power to help prevent electric shock and arc flash with our portfolio of specially designed “touch-safe” internal and SEQUESTR external disconnect solutions.

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Disconnect Accessories

Keep the door shut on electrical hazards with our comprehensive assortment of accessories that complement your enclosure and provide added features that help to ensure safety.

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Intro to Arc Flash Safety

Arc flash events can injure personnel, destroy equipment and disrupt operations, among other serious risks. This white paper shares insight on adhering to industry regulations and best practices to prevent arc flash incidents, so you can better protect your people and your equipment.


Arc Flash Protection Solutions.png image

Arc Flash Protection Solutions Guide

Learn more about which nVent HOFFMAN electrical safety solutions to choose to help eliminate or reduce the risk of shock and arc flash hazards.


Avoiding Arc Flash to Increase Safety

Learn more about the dangers of arc flash, and the enclosure and accessory solutions that help reduce electrical risks.


Hoffman Moments What Is An Arc Flash Hazard video thumbnail.png image

What is an Arc Flash Hazard?

The first step in preventing an arc flash incident is understanding potential hazards. learn more about electrical risks and hazards in this video.