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PCB Retention, Extraction & Conduction Cooling Components

Customizable components – from simple to sophisticated 

nVent offers you a wide range of printed circuit board hardware with Schroff’s brand of Calmark Card Loks, Birtcher Wedge Loks or VPX chassis. Whether it is our PCB retention, extraction or conduction cooling components, customization is always possible to achieve optimal performance for your application.


PCB Retention, Extraction and Cooling Components

PCB Wedge Loks / Card Loks

Designed to retain PCBs in rugged, heavy shock and high vibration environments commonly found in Military and Defense and commercial aerospace systems. In addition to PCB retention, Card Lok and Wedge Loks also aid in thermal transfer from the PCB to the cold wall via conduction, by improving the interface between the PCB and the chassis rail.

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PCB Trainers - Guides

The metal retainers offer a low-cost spring action printed circuit board retention design. They attach to the chassis using screws, rivets or adhesives. Retainers provide protection against shock and vibration and offer excellent grounding characteristics.

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PCB Inserters - Extractors

nVent offers a wide selection of Calmark Injectors and Extractors for use in both sheet metal and cold wall applications. Available in both metal and plastic designs, these products facilitate the insertion and extraction of printed circuit boards with high-density backplane interconnects.

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Conduction Cooled Assemblies - Heat Frames

Conduction Cooled Assemblies consist of a conduction-cooled frame, backing plate or backing strips, extractors and wedge clamps. They are designed for circuit boards requiring cooling in severe environments where convection cooling is not practical. The assembly also provides needed structural support of the plug-in module during extremely high-shock and vibration applications.

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PCB Accessories

Most to compliment 19” IEC/IEEE technology includes PCB handles, stiffeners, board coding, etc.

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Featured Products

Series 24

Series 280HT

Series 280HT

Series 311

Series 311

PCB busbars

Configure your PCB Wedge Lok

Combine various standard components to create a Wedge Lok that satisfies your requirements.

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