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Energy Storage System Electrical Solutions

Grounding, Bonding and Lightning and Surge Protection for Battery-Based and Alternate Technologies

Protect your energy storage systems from lightning and surge damage when you choose a leading provider of grounding, bonding and power connection solutions that are compliant with UL and IEC  standards.

nVent ERICO connects you to electrical and overcurrent protection products used on many of today’s battery-based, thermal and compressed air energy storage technologies. Get all the components required for your safe and reliable operation, including battery connections, flexible copper busbar, power distribution blocks, grounding braids and surge protection devices.

Energy Storage Interactive tool

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Energy Storage Brochure Cover

nVent Electrical and Fastening Energy Storage Solutions Brochure

Download the nVent energy storage brochure featuring information about nVent ERICO products and more.


Grounding Solutions

Protection of energy storage systems and personnel demands a systematic approach to minimizing threats caused by transients, from the ground up. We will help you safeguard your investments with proven methods and products.

Grounding Busbar

Grounding Busbar

Proper bonding is essential to create an equipotential plane between service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions. We offer grounding busbar in standard sizes and can custom design to your specifications. 

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Person Installing Ground Rod and Coupler

Ground Rods and Grounding Couplers

From industry-leading copper-bonded ground rods to solid copper, stainless steel and galvanized rods, we have the ground rod solution you can depend on, including grounding couplers. 

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Cadweld Connection

Grounding Connectors

nVent ERICO Cadweld exothermically welded connections provide a permanent, molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode. The connections are designed to maintain for  the life of your energy storage installation and are certified to IEEE 837.

Grounding and bonding braids and other mechanical grounding connectors are also available from nVent ERICO for connecting energy storage systems correctly.

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Theft Deterrent Cable

Theft-Deterrent Grounding Solutions

Theft-deterrent composite cables are conductors that function as copper conductors but incorporate an outer steel layer that is difficult to cut. These conductors are ideal for energy storage applications with exposed electrical grounding leads.

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Lightning Protection Systems

Our lightning protection series includes conventional and enhanced options for preventing costly damage to your energy storage systems and battery connections.

System 1000 Parts

nVent ERICO System 1000

System 1000 encompasses three air terminal models and accessories that are designed to comply with the requirements of the French NF C 17-102 standard.


System 2000 Parts

nVent ERICO System 2000

System 2000 includes a series of air terminals, downconductors and fittings, engineered in accordance with European IEC 62305, USA UL 96 and NFPA 780 standards.


System 3000 Parts

nVent ERICO System 3000

System 3000 is a technically advanced lightning protection system offering efficient air terminal placement in accordance with the Collection Volume Method (CVM). 


Surge Protection Devices

Power, control and communications circuits are often disrupted with electrical disturbances from switching of electrical loads, electrical noise or the occasional induced transient. Surge protection devices from nVent ERICO help you avoid the consequences of hazardous overcurrent events

Surge Protection Parts

From AC to DC, our engineers can support your energy storage application with technical advice to full design assistance. We help ensure reliable energy storage with:

  • Electrical connection and protection products for flow, lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal, lithium-ion, lithium polymer and molten salt battery-based technologies.
  • Grounding and bonding solutions for hydrogen, thermal, flywheel, capacitor and compressed air energy storage systems.
  • UL certification for most nVent ERICO components.
  • A global workforce offering local capabilities and support.

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Have an energy storage system that's ready for planning? Get in contact and let us know how we can assist with our energy storage system electrical solutions, expertise or product offering.