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Core Central Office

Solutions for Telecommunications Core Central Office

The main switching facility and the core element of a telecommunications network, the Central Office Rearchitected to Data Center (CORD) is about to bring the economies of a data center and the agility of the cloud to the edge of the telecom network. 

Large AC and DC power system are housed at central offices to provide continuous power at all times. It is imperative that the sensitive, mission-critical electronics contained in these locations are protected from lightning induced surges, extreme temperatures, dust and electrical noise. With leading experience and expertise, nVent provides complete physical infrastructures, including electrical protection, racks and enclosures; high-performance computing systems; and advanced cooling, monitoring and power solutions.




Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunications

Lightning Protection

Surge Protection

nVent ERIFLEX Power Block and Distribution Terminals

Cable Management Solutions

Enclosures and Cooling Solutions

Server Cabinets

Open Frame Racks

Advanced Cooling Solutions

Aisle Containment

Open Standard Embedded Systems

Power Management And Distribution

Rack Cable Management



nVent SCHROFF DNS Cooling Capabilities

Selecting the right cooling concept is crucial to avoid thermally-related faults and IT equipment failures. nVent’s experts consult customers in the specification of their datacenter cooling concept to recommend the most suitable, energy-efficient solutions.

nVent SCHROFF Varistar CP Server Rack

Featuring a 1,600 kg static load, the Varistar CP Server Rack features a unique meander type profile for maximum fixing flexibility. Pre-configured, ready to use cabinets with short lead time and starting point for individual configurations and and modifications.

nVent SCHROFF RackPower

Enjoy complete flexibility, ensure uptime, automate your infrastructure management and design your power solution via myriad available configuration options. Supports up to three different socket types and can be configured as “top feed” or “bottom feed.”






Brochure: Smart RackTech




Datacenter Protection Solutions - Grounding and Lightning Protection




Edge and Data Center Cooling Solutions - Precision and High Density Liquid Cooling

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Sell Sheet – Varistar CP



Brochure: Cooling Solutions

Networking Specifier’s Guide


Brochure: Networking Specifier’s Guide

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