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Flexible Busbars

Gain design and assembly flexibility in electrical panels

nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar cross sections are formed from multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper insulated with a high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC or silicone compound. Flexibar advanced insulation offers an even safer option, which is low-smoke, flame-retardant and halogen-free.

These flexible busbars can be bent, folded or twisted. They offer a very small bending radius for shorter and more compact power connections, improved aesthetics and easier installation.

Solutions are available from 7 mm² up to 1200 mm² and 125 A to 2800 A. They are ideal for connections between:

  • Main power and distribution equipment
  • Transformers and busducts
  • Busducts and electrical cabinets


  • Adaptability and flexibility, requiring less installation space
  • Easily formed, even at largest sizes
  • No lugs to purchase or install
  • Eliminates faulty connection due to vibration or fatigue
  • Reduced weight of the overall panel system

nVent ERIFLEX solutions are uniquely designed for low-voltage power and grounding connections used by OEMs and panel builders.

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