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Connection Solutions

nVent provides solutions for making critical connections on track and onboard railvehicles. Wayside electrical infrastructure is the foundation of railwaysignaling and communication systems and provides traction power in many typesof transit networks. nVent ERICO is a global leader in cable-to-rail connectionsolutions, providing exothermic weld kits, mechanical connections, connectorcables, bondstrand, rail clips and track tools. nVentERIFLEX provides innovative low voltage power distribution solutions thatimprove the performance and efficiency of onboard and wayside electricalpanels. Together, these connections make an important contribution to safer,more reliable railway networks. 

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Cable-to-Rail Connections

nVent ERICO is a global leader in cable-to-rail connections, offering: Exothermic Connections (nVent ERICO Cadweld), Mechanicals Connections, Bondstand, Conductors and Clips, Tools

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Low Voltage Power Distribution

nVent ERIFLEX offers innovative solutions for electrical conduction and low voltage power distribution (AC/DC power conversion).


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