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nVent ERICO System 2000

nVent ERICO System 2000 Parts

Conventional Lightning Protection Systems

The nVent ERICO System 2000 is an engineered series of air terminals, down conductors, fittings and grounding systems in accordance with European IEC 62305 and USA UL 96, NFPA 780 Standards and many other global standards. Third-party inspections and certifications are available for these types of lightning protection systems.

At nVent, we offer innovative and efficient products along with engineering expertise and top-quality technical support. nVent’s quality-assurance program helps ensure that required procedures for every step of the operation produce the best possible system for customers. nVent also maintains a comprehensive global knowledge pool to meet the challenging requirements of ever-evolving regional and industry applications.

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nVent ERICO System 2000 Components

nVent ERICO System 2000 Installation Graphic

1) Air Terminals, Bases and Adapters

Air terminals, also known as strike termination devices, are offered in a range of base materials and surface plating. A full range of code compliant terminals, bases and adapters are offered as well as copper-bonded steel components for special applications. Specialty components are available for heavy duty stack applications.

2) Conductors

Lightning protection conductors are designed to handle the high current, short duration electrical current flows of a lightning strike. nVent ERICO conductors are offered with aluminum, copper and tinned copper stranding in concentric, ropelay and smooth weave. They are designed based on material composition and dimensional requirements defined in global standards. Insulated conductors for isolated lightning protection systems are also available.

3) Connectors and Accessories

Stamped, cast and machined connectors accessories are available in a variety of materials, bimetallic and surface finish options. Mount, route, connect, brace and bond any lightning protection system as required by global standards.

4) Grounding System

nVent is a worldwide leader providing grounding accessories that help ensure the dissipation of energy. The nVent ERICO brand of grounding accessories are made from high-quality materials that offer superior corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. They are easy to install with innovative and time-saving features to accommodate a variety of customer needs

The Rolling Sphere Method for Air Terminal Placement

The placement of air terminals is a critical part of the lightning protection design process. Since the 1750s the most popular methods of lightning protection have involved sharp vertical rods (Franklin), horizontal and vertical conductors (Faraday Cage or Mesh) or a combination of both. Only if air terminals are placed in the optimum location on the structure is it possible to achieve an efficient and reliable lightning protection system. Historically, a number of methods have been employed, some of which are still in common use, such as the Cone of Protection (Protective Angle), Mesh and the RSM.

Ideal for:

  • Designing for simple architecture
  • Compliance to global standards utilizing the RSM
  • Third-party inspection

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Tell Us About Your Project!

Tell us about your project or design! Let our dedicated teams of engineers and designers around the world provide support for your lightning protection project.