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Fire Protection and Sprinkler Solutions

Gain efficiency with solutions designed specifically for fire sprinkler installations.

Fire sprinkler installations can be complex, particularly in seismic areas. nVent CADDY products help contractors save time and lower the total cost of the installations. Historically, hangers and supports have been difficult to differentiate between brands. Those products may adequately support the system but have not undergone any innovation in decades.

The nVent CADDY product development team is always working to make products safer, faster and easier to install. Our customer-inspired solutions offer unique benefits to the installer and together they are designed to be the most comprehensive, innovative offering on the market.

Our hanging, bracing and support solutions are known for their high quality, superior technical performance and simple, intuitive installations. nVent CADDY products are your trusted source for a variety of needs, such as:


Pump Rooms

CADDY_PH4921_Riser.png image

Riser Applications


Mains and Branch Lines

A closeup of a seismograph machine needle drawing a red line on graph paper depicting seismic and eartquake activity - 3D render

Seismic Bracing

Our Systems

nVent CADDY Hanging and Support System

Our innovative system of Fire Sprinkler hangers and supports will provide tangible efficiency gains, from the pump room to the final branch lines. 

Every hanger and support has been meticulously designed with the end-user experience in mind.  These engineered solutions generate measurable results while maintaining the highest quality possible. 

Our industry-leading solutions include:

  • A telescoping pipe stand that comes out-of-the-box ready to install, and reduces the installation time of a complete assembly by up to 80%.
  • A vertical riser clamp that combines 3 parts into 1:  standard riser; short ear riser; stand-off, and installs up to 60% faster than traditional methods. 
  • A disruptive pipe hanger that revolutionizes the installation of pipe, generating efficiency gains of 50% or more. 

Throughout the entirety of the system, nVent CADDY is your trusted partner for providing a safe, fast, and easy installation.

nVent CADDY Branch Line Restraint System

CADDY_PH34217_Branch.jpg image

The nVent CADDY Branch Line Restraint System is an ideal choice for restraining 1" through 2" branch lines. 

Our innovative system is significantly faster and easier to install than current methods.  It attaches directly to steel bar joists, I-beams or purlins, as well as concrete and wood structures.

With a simple, two-step installation process, the nVent CADDY Branch Line Restraint Systems can generate time savings of up to 80% compared to traditional methods.

nVent CADDY CPVC Hanging Systems

PH32311_CPVC.png image

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