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Data Center Electrical System Connections

Flexible conductors, power and distribution blocks, insulators and other low-voltage solutions for IT facilities.

As the world becomes more electric, data centers need to scale up their operations to support the demand for reliable internet and cloud services. When people want to use the internet to catch up on news, browse social media or shop for goods and services, they expect the sites they visit and apps they use to be functional. Data centers provide that functionality, so they must keep running at all times.

The huge volume of power conductors and electrical components in a typical data center demands connection products with a strong reputation for safety and dependability. We are a full-service supplier, which can help you understand everything that’s needed for reliable data center power distribution, matching your specific requirements for a low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant solution.

With nVent ERIFLEX, your valuable data center infrastructure and IT assets are connected to experts who know how to reduce risk and potential hot spots in your electrical systems.

nVent ERIFLEX Solutions

Flexible Busbar

Flexible Busbar

Flexible copper busbar can be bent to create shorter, more compact electrical system connections between data center power distribution equipment, cabinets and busways. Many of our customers find flexible busbar and busbar supports preferable to using large cable wires and rigid busbar in data centers.

See how we set a new standard for insulation of flexible busbar called nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced. Compared to standard PVC insulation, Flexibar Advanced does not generate corrosive gases and produces a relatively low-smoke opacity in accordance with ISO 5659-2, IEC 61304-2 and UL 22885.. This means greater safety for individuals and less damage to your IT facility electrical equipment.

Flexibar Advanced is also halogen-free according to IEC 60754-1, IEC 62821-1 and UL 2885, and is compliant with UL 94 V-0 flame-retardant testing and Glow Wire Test @960° (IEC 60695-2), making it ideal for use in enclosed spaces such as data centers.

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Power Distribution Blocks

Power and Distribution Blocks

We offer halogen-free single-, two- and four-pole distribution blocks and a complete range of assembly support products for easy fastening to DIN rails or steel sheet. Also, find a wide selection of power blocks for connection between primary and secondary switchboards or main inputs and outputs, in addition to power terminals that allow for easy connections that can be visually inspected.

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Low Voltage

Low-Voltage Insulators

Find low-voltage standoff insulators in multiple available sizes. These cost-effective insulators offer great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters and high resistance to leakage current in data and IT facilities.

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More for Data Centers

There are even more options from nVent ERIFLEX, including connecting bars, braided grounds, cabling sleeves, DIN profiles and other electrical system components for low-voltage distribution applications.

The safe and efficient design of your data center or IT facility electrical system is important. We can help you simplify power distribution connections in cabinets and busways with standard or custom solutions that save space in electrical enclosures and cost less to design and implement.

Customers also turn to nVent ERIFLEX for:

  • IEC/UL certification for most electrical system components
  • Knowledgeable design assistance with the toughest challenges
  • Local sales and support

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Our team is ready to help on your next project. If you have questions, ask our electrical connections experts. 

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