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nVent CADDY Solutions

nVent CADDY Solutions

Since 1956, contractors have relied on the premium quality and ease of use of nVent CADDY products — an innovative and complete range of solutions. nVent CADDY solutions are there for customers through every step of the job, from design to installation to inspection. 

Electrician with a screwdriver macro connect wires on the background of electrical cabinet with relays and terminal blocks.

Electrical Solutions

Learn more about nVent CADDY's electrical fixing and fastening solutions including prefabricated, in-wall and stud wall, in-ceiling and acoustical and in-deck product solutions.


Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing

Learn more about the product solutions for single-run piping systems, multi-run trapeze systems, round and square ventilation ducts, rooftop equipment and line supports and VAV boxes.

Fire Protection and Sprinkler

nVent CADDY fire protection and sprinkler products can be used in pump rooms, riser applications, main and branch line applications and seismic bracing. 

Rooftop Support

nVent CADDY Pyramid rooftop supports are a surface-mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces.

Datacom and Cable Management

See more about nVent CADDY datacom and cable management solutions including cable tray, cable basket trays and more.

Seismic Bracing Solutions

Learn how nVent CADDY helps to protect people and property with several bracing solutions including cable and rigid bracing products.



Learn more about the full in-wall and stud-wall product offering for both wood or metal stud walls.


Prefab Solutions

nVent CADDY prefab solutions are customizable to work best for your project and come with a team to inspect and test all components.

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