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Building Electrical Connection and Protection

Grounding, bonding and lightning and surge protection for commercial and industrial construction.

Commercial and industrial construction demands electrical connection and protection solutions that work harder to keep people and property from harm. Safeguarding everything from buildings to towers to factories to warehouses is easier using proven solutions from a grounding, bonding and electrical connections leader that understands your unique project requirements.

We built our reputation for safety and consistency by solving all types of over-current challenges, from lightning protection on skyscrapers to grounding metal roofs to designing effective surge protection systems for all types of commercial and industrial facilities.

Trust nVent ERICO for products compliant with UL and IEC standards that can improve the safety of your next building construction project.


Water Treatment Plant

Industrial Facilities

Distribution Centers

Commercial Buildings

Grounding and Bonding

We take a systematic approach to minimizing threats caused by transients from the ground up. Commercial buildings and industrial structures can benefit from a coordinated electrical protection plan that fully considers the risks posed by power surges and lightning strikes. We bring structural engineers and building contractors everything needed to design an effective solution and the expertise to assist you at any project stage.


Grounding Busbar

Grounding Busbar

Proper bonding is essential to create an equipotential plane between service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions. We offer grounding busbar in standard sizes and can custom design to your specifications. 

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Ground Rods and Couplers

Ground Rods and Grounding Couplers

From industry-leading copper-bonded ground rods to solid copper, stainless steel and galvanized rods, we have the ground rod solution you can depend on including grounding couplers.

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Cadweld Connections

Grounding Connectors

Cadweld exothermically-welded connections provide a permanent molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode. The connections are designed to maintain that bond for the life of your building and are certified to IEEE 837.

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Theft Deterrent Cable

Theft-Deterrent Grounding Solutions

Theft-deterrent composite cables are conductors that function as copper conductors but incorporate an outer steel layer that is difficult to cut. These conductors are ideal for structures with exposed electrical grounding leads.

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Lightning Protection Systems

Our lightning protection series includes different options for preventing costly damage to commercial and industrial buildings.

nVent ERICO Lightning Protection Parts
  • System 1000 encompasses three air terminal models and accessories that are designed to comply with the requirements of the French NF C 17-102 Standard.
  • System 2000 includes an engineered series of air terminals, downconductors and fittings in accordance with European IEC 62305, USA UL 96 and NFPA 780 Standards.
  • System 3000 is a technically advanced lightning protection system offering efficient air terminal placement in accordance with the Collection Volume Method (CVM).

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LP Design Services

We understand the construction industry’s latest requirements. If you need fast technical advice or full project assistance, nVent ERICO can help with:

  • Custom design of lightning protection assemblies for towers and high-rise buildings.
  • Computer grounding layouts and analysis for building concrete foundations.
  • Extensive training and consultative services to engineers and contractors.
  • Tailored programs to mitigate risk and refine electrical protection system designs.
  • Local on-site support.

SUrge Protection

Modern industry relies heavily on electronic automation to increase productivity, ensure safety and provide economic benefits. However, power circuits are often severely polluted with electrical disturbances from switching of electrical loads, electrical noise and even the occasional induced impulse. Since the safety and economic consequences of temporary or permanent failure of industrial equipment cannot be tolerated, protection devices should be installed on critical power circuits. nVent ERICO offers a complete line of surge protection devices that can be coordinated into an effectively staged electrical protection plan.

nVent ERICO offers power surge protection solutions in a coordinated approach where the first stage of defense is the installation of primary protection devices at the mains supply service entrance, followed by secondary protection at distribution branch panels and where necessary, at point-of-use applications.

TDX Range

nVent ERICO’s line of Transient Discriminating Panel Protectors are designed for critical protection applications. This line is specifically designed for equipment, panel and motor protection applications and to provide long life, even under the most adverse over-voltage conditions.

SES Range

nVent ERICO’s line of Service Entrance Suppression is designed to protect sensitive electronics at the service entrance for residential or light commercial service panels. These models protect against both surges caused by severe transient events as well as smaller scale disruptions alike.

DT Range

nVent ERICO offers multiple series of surge protective devices (SPDs) suitable for a vast range of applications that provide reliable protection from voltage transients on power distribution systems. The DT1 and DT2 Series DIN Rail Surge Protective Devices provide reliable and efficient protection against voltage transients within the IEC Class I and UL Type 1CA environments. 

EDT Range

The EDT2 Series Enhanced Transient Discriminating Surge Protective Devices provide reliable protection against voltage transients within the IEC Class II and UL Type 1CA environments. In addition, nVent ERICO’s Transient Discriminating (TD) technology ensures continued operation during and after sustained and abnormal over-voltage events.

Surge Reduction Filters

Surge reduction filters combine high-energy surge diversion with surge filtering, making them ideal for primary service protection applications. Their efficient low pass filtering stage dramatically reduces the rate-of-voltage rise and the let-through voltage thereby substantially reducing the risk of physical equipment damage. They incorporate TD technology making them robust against AC power system temporary overvoltages, and their IEC standards compliance ensure maximum product performance with maximum product safety.

Communication Protection

nVent ERICO offers multiple series of data and signal surge protection devices designed to provide transient protection for equipment from induced surges. These are also well-suited to the protection of industrial equipment and are compact in size, while offering high surge carrying capacity. nVent ERICO data and signal surge protection offers a complete solution to eliminate damage, downtime, and power disruption.

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Learn more about nVent ERICO Training Today!

nVent ERICO offers training and professional development credit. 

With more than 100 years of industry experience, nVent ERICO is dedicated to providing extensive training for the specification, installation and maintenance of electrical protection systems to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

nVent ERICO is an RCEP national, live instruction technical education provider, approved to issue PDHs for educational activities, and offers courses covering:

  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Protection


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Learn more about nVent ERICO Cadweld for engineers or contractors. Learn how to specify, select and install any kind of connection for your application.

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nVent ERICO GEM Calculator

To assist in estimating the amount of GEM required for installations, nVent is proud to offer our free web-based GEM Calculator. 

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