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Procurement & Fabrication

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Quality Materials for Your Project

When it comes to completing a successful project, high-quality materials are essential. The nVent TRACER team is committed to finding the right products for your project, even if it means custom fabrication. 

Our project procurement team will also ensure you have complete system optimization in the following areas: 

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

A well thought out control and monitoring strategy is essential to ensure your heat management system operates efficiently. nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor, our remote monitoring software, provides you with one location to receive immediate messages and alerts about problems with your system. 

Thermal Insulation Optimization

It is essential to optimize your thermal insulation strategy early in a project. We’ll find the right products that take into account: 

  • Energy consumption
  • Number of heat tracing circuits 
  • Maximization of circuit lengths

Heated Instrument Enclosures

Including heated instrument enclosures and impulse line heating requirements for field-mounted instruments can be crucial. Our team can help design and procure your instrument enclosure systems ensuring compatibility with the remainder of your heat management system.


Other Services

construction site services

Site Services

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Engineering & Design

construction post installation services

Post-Installation Services

Advanced heat management systems that are optimized to fit your needs are within reach. For more information about nVent TRACER turnkey solutions please reach out to us today.

Unsure where to start? For all your design, product and service needs, reach out to one of our experts today.