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At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions. ​

The world is becoming more sustainable and electrified, demanding new innovations to meet changing technologies and needs. At nVent, we help improve energy efficiency and cooling innovation in data centers, we bring resiliency and cutting-edge protection to power utilities and renewable energy and energy storage operations, we provide labor-saving solutions and help our customers enhance the safety of their operations in industrial and commercial  applications.​

Suppliers are our partners in ensuring we have the steady pipeline of the quality materials and services at a competitive price needed to manufacture the solutions our customers rely on in an electrified world.


Doing Business with nVent

Responsible Procurement

About nVent

We connect and protect with inventive electrical solutions. We design, manufacture, market, install and service high-performance products and solutions that help build a more sustainable and electrified world.  

News and Insights

The News and Insights page highlights the company’s recent financial results, strategic partnerships, and sustainability efforts, showcasing its commitment to innovation and community engagement in the electrical connection and protection industry.

Ethics and Compliance

Absolute Integrity means we are committed to honest and ethical business practices in our dealings with customers, business partners, investors, communities and each other. 

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