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Facility Electrical Protection

Reliable Solutions that Create Safer Environments

Gain peace of mind that your facility and your people are protected by one of the world’s largest and proven electrical protection specialists. nVent ERICO products are trusted across multiple industries and applications for their innovation, simplified new build and retrofit installations and lasting quality that saves maintenance costs over time.


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nVent ERICO Protection Solutions from the Ground Up

Read our nVent ERICO solutions brochure to learn how nVent can protect your facility with electrical protection systems from the ground up.



    Lightning Protection Content Hub

    See how nVent ERICO has the right product and design solution for your next lightning protection project.


    Air Terminals

    Capture the lightning strike to a preferred and purposefully designed attachment.

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    Convey energy to the ground safely and effectively.

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    Connectors & Positioners

    Ground Rod Connectors and Positioners provide years of performance and protection against the damaging effects of lightning strikes.

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    Exothermic Connections

    Electrically superior connections that will never loosen, break, or corrode in most environments.

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    Grounding & Bonding

    Dissipate energy into the ground with ground rods specifically designed for soil conditions and other factors.

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    Grounding & Bonding Tools

    Specialized tools that ensure code compliance, proper installation and long-term performance of the entire electrical protection system – regardless of your environment.

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    Grounding Busbars & Supports

    Proper bonding is essential to creating an equipotential plane between your service grounds and equipment, especially during a lightning strike.

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    Surge Protectors

    Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming power lines to prevent damage and costly operational downtime.

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