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Industrial Temperature Maintenance

Avoid Production Downtime

Nothing hurts an industrial operation more than a production halt or downtime. Even when pipes are adequately insulated, process fluids can fall below minimum set temperatures when stagnant. This can create process issues related to fluid viscosity, crystallization or condensation, with associated production loss and costly remediation.

Reliable Systems Maximize Productivity

Electric heat tracing systems replace heat loss in a pipe anywhere throughout an industrial process. Pipe tracing is critical for temperature maintenance in pipes that are expected to have stagnant fluids for extended periods of time. The ability to maintain liquids within a specified temperature for prolonged intervals helps keep operations at the greatest productivity level.

Typical applications include:

  • Fuel oil, asphalt, sulphur, waxes, hydraulics
  • Caustic soda, acids, polymers, sensitive chemicals
  • Vegetable oils, biodiesel, fat, syrup, chocolate

Full Suite of Heat Management Technology 

nVent RAYCHEM temperature maintenance solutions are designed as a complete heat management system:

  • Heating cable technologies, up to 650°F maintain and 1000°F exposure temperatures
  • Engineered connection kits and tools for easy and worry-free installation
  • Control & monitoring, from the simplest thermostat to state-of-the-art systems with integrated software for full visibility, on-site configuration, DCS data integration, and early warnings that allow for preventive maintenance
  • Power distribution and insulation expertise 

RAYCHEM heat trace systems are durable and reliable, even in the most extreme environments, and are approved for use in hazardous areas. They increase safety, maximize productivity, and optimize energy efficiency.

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Design Tools

TraceCalc Net

Web-based tool to design a simple, multi-circuit heat trace system. 

TraceCalc Pro

Download our advanced software to design major heat tracing projects. 

Chemical Database

Chemical Database

Find out the heat-tracing temperature for your chemical process

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Project Services

nVent TRACER is a global solutions expert in high quality electric heat management systems with the ability to provide engineering design services, procurement and fabrication, site services and post installation services anywhere in the world.

We understand the specific needs of your individual project and your business and in return will provide an optimized heat management system focusing on providing safe, reliable, and cost effective heat tracing installations.

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