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Stud Wall

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Screw Gun Brackets and Accessories

Screw Gun Brackets and Accessories

Cable/Conduit to Stud

Cable/Conduit to Stud

Through Stud Cable/Conduit Supports

Through Stud Cable/Conduit Supports

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PH19646.jpg image

"Colorado Jim" Cable Support

"Colorado Jim" Cable Support easy-to-use locking tab, with cable locating robs to maintain cable separation.
PH3008.jpg image

Telescoping Screw Gun Box Bracket

Telescoping Screw Gun Box Bracket improved design with stamped inch markings and pilot holes accelerates precise box conduit mounting between studs.
PH2483.jpg image

Easy Snap Grommet

Easy Snap Grommet provides 360° protection for cable, conduit, plumbing and fire sprinkler plumbing in metal studs.
PH19552.jpg image

MSP20 Metal Stud Punch for Easy Snap Grommet

Punches standard sized holes in metal studs. Use with easy snap grommet, snaps easily into punched hole. Hardened steel components keep tool sharp longer.
PH3004.jpg image

SMS8 Self-Drilling and Tapping Screw

Industry standard sheet metal screw.
PH3781.jpg image

Barrnog/TSGBHD Adjustable Metal Nogging

Barrnog/TSGBHD Adjustable Metal Nogging flat sliding plate for use with heavier applications.