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nVent CADDY In-Wall Solutions

In-wall electrical solutions designed for projects, built for people.

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nVent CADDY has been in the in-wall solution space for more than 60 years with well-known products for commercial building using traditional or prefabrication methods.

In a fast-paced world, products that are safe, fast and easy make a project successful, increase productivity on the construction site and keep projects on-time and on-budget. 

The in-wall category of products has been built with hours of research, product development and engineering to create an extensive line including stud mounted, cable and conduit fastening, floor mounted and prefab product solutions.

Customer-inspired solutions to solve for everyday challenges.


Solve for common work site challenges in including building code requirements, project timeline challenges, skilled worker shortage, fire and life safety, and critical building and equipment protection by using nVent CADDY solutions. nVent CADDY products are engineered to be safe, fast and easy.

Building Code Requirements

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Project Timeline Challenges

Skilled Worker Shortage

Fire and Life Safety

Critical Building and Equipment Protection

nVent CADDY: Safe, Fast, Easy.

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nVent CADDY products are designed to have several tool-free components for a safer install with fewer tools needed.

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In-wall products are designed to reduce the total amount of installation time and installed cost. nVent CADDY products can also be prefabricated, moving a significant amount of work previously completed on lifts and ladders to ground level. 

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nVent CADDY products are designed to have secure hardware and fewer parts, and to require fewer tools, making installation easier by eliminating steps in the process and saving time overall.

Featured In-Wall Solutions

Save Time and Money on Your In-Wall Project

nVent CADDY has a full-range of innovative in-wall solutions that are strategically designed to be Safe, Fast and Easy. These solutions can be easily mounted into wood or metal stud walls and include between stud box mounting brackets, single box-to-stud, prefabrication, and screw gun brackets and raceway supports. Find the right nVent CADDY in-wall solution to satisfy your project needs.


In-Wall Product Categories

Between Stud Box Mounting Brackets

Full range of innovative, time-saving, easy-to-install box support mounting brackets for metal and wood studs.

Single Box-to-Stud Solutions

nVent CADDY’s full line of stud-mounted brackets make installation fast and easy, saving time and increasing productivity on the job. Learn more about the options you have for any job.

Prefabricated All-in-One Solutions

From simple assemblies to complex systems, our team can do it all. The in-wall prefab solutions below are customizable to work best for your project.

Screw Gun Brackets and Raceway Supports

Full line of fixed and telescoping screw gun brackets including time saving accessories.

Prefab Services

Visit our dedicated electrical prefabrication services page for details on nVent CADDY’s prefab offerings.


Our Resources

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Download the webinar on how to increase productivity on the job.

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