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Surge Protection

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Power Surge Protection

Power Surge Protection

Data and Signal Surge Protection

Data and Signal Surge Protection

Rail Surge Protection

Rail Surge Protection

Surge Protection Accessories

Surge Protection Accessories

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Surge Reduction Filter N-Series, Single Phase

High-performance protection incorporating Spark Gap and Transient Discriminating (TD) technologies.
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Universal Transient Barrier, Single Pair

Surge protection universal transient barrier, single pair.
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Replacement Module for UTB, Single Pair

Multi-stage protection and fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltages reach sensitive equipment.

Transient Surge Filter

The nVent ERICO Critec Transient Surge Filter (TSF) product family is a UL registered, IEC compliant, compact, serviceable solution for protection of PLC controllers, SCADA systems, motor control centers and other process control systems.
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Compact TDX Panel Protector, 50 kA

Compact panel surge protector, 50 kA.
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Closed Circuit Television Protector

Closed circuti televesion (CCTV) surge protection.
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DT2 DIN Rail Surge Protection Class II, 1+0 Mode

DT2 DIN Rail Surge Protection Class II, 1+0 Mode.
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PVT1 Photovoltaic Surge Protection Class I+II

Uniquely designed for protection of centralized solar inverters on the DC input side and string boxes.
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TSG-SRF Replacement Secondary Module

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EDT2 Enhanced DIN Rail Surge Protection Class II, 1+0 Mode

The EDT2 1+0 Mode Enhanced Transient Discriminating Surge Protective Devices provide reliable protection against voltage transients within the IEC Class II and UL Type 1CA environments.