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Industrial Electronics Enclosures

Fast & Flexible Automation Asset Protection

Industrial electronics come in all shapes and sizes and can be exposed to many different environmental conditions. From 19” cabinets and subracks, to small form factor enclosures, nVent Schroff offers a wide variety of products to product electronics in industrial environments. — all designed to meet or exceed certification standards including IEC, UL, CSA, NEMA, and CE.  Our durable enclosure platforms are designed for flexibility and modification – including holes, cutouts, paint colors, special sizes and pre-assembled accessories to save time and cost. Our design engineers worldwide can also provide completely custom enclosures and cooling.


Electronics Enclosures

A wide variety of technologies like VME, CPCI, MTCA or ATCA are suitable for controlling and monitoring complex automation lines or machines such as lithography. The modular design with hot-swap and hardware management minimizes machine downtime and service times. We offer 19" systems suited for control cabinets as well as small system cases that can be mounted directly into the application. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and backed by service and sales support around the world.


Need help selecting the right enclosure?

We research and understand worldwide regulations that affect our products such as NEMA, IP, UL and CSA.