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Wall Mount Conduit Clip

Wall Mount Conduit Clip

Cable Clamp System

Cable Clamp System

C-CR Pipe/Cable Clamp System

C-CR Pipe/Cable Clamp System

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Pipe/Cable Clamp

The C-CR cable clamp system can be used to secure pipe or cable to strut.
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Multi-Function C-Clamp

Top mounted beam clamp for use with wide flange widths (CR series compatible).
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Flange Protector for Multi-Function C-Clamp

Flange protector for protecting paint and other finishes from scratching (C-Clamp series compatible).
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C-EU Single Cable to Flange Clamp

Effective means of cable support and secureness to structural steel beam and round elements. Easy to install, hardware is integrated to eliminate issues related to loose parts.
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Square Nut for Multi-Function C-Clamp

Square adapter nut for use with standard flange widths nuts (C-Clamp series compatible).
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Wall Mount Conduit Clip

Easy to install, push in conduit support that provides stabilitiy and secureness. Ideal for wall mount or in combination with numerous CADDY fasteners.
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C-GW Cable Protection Plate

Provides additional protection to cable installations by extending the support area along the cable. Great accessory to the cable clamp range of products.