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Welcome to nVent RAYCHEM

Heat Tracing Solutions to Protect People, Processes and Infrastructure

At nVent, we believe that our nVent RAYCHEM heat trace systems ensure a more secure world. 

We Connect and Protect

nVent Extends its Range of nVent RAYCHEM Elexant Connected Solutions with a New Heat Trace Controller

After more than 15 years of successful operation in the field, nVent is replacing its nVent RAYCHEM NGC-20 controller with the Elexant 5010i controller in the EMEAI and APAC region.

Just as its predecessor, the NGC-20 controller, the Elexant 5010i controller offers the same pipe freeze protection and process temperature maintenance capabilities, but now for more extreme environments.

It is also faster and offers a higher degree of accuracy and data security, with full connectivity.

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SBS-FP with Elexant Modbus

nVent RAYCHEM SBS Pre-built Frost Protection Panels

The updated Elexant 450c controller is a standard component of the new nVent RAYCHEM SBS Pre-built Frost Protection panel line-up. This leading range of standard pre-fabricated and fully customizable panels is designed to provide everything building managers need to help protect properties from frost damage, all in one easy-to-install package.

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Explore the new XTVR, reloaded with High Power Retention (HPR) technology

Explore the new XTVR, reloaded with High Power Retention (HPR) technology

The nVent RAYCHEM XTVR self-regulating heating cable is designed for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels requiring continuous operating temperatures (max 150°C/302°F) or high exposure (max 250°C/482°F).

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Meet nVent RAYCHEM TracerLynx

TracerLynx compresses project design schedules by combining every element needed to design a full heat management system, including client information, design data and deliverables where the entire project can be seamlessly managed across multiple concurrent users throughout the world.

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nVent RAYCHEM Virtual Worlds

Discover nVent RAYCHEM solutions within industrial sites and commercial and residential buildings. Our virtual worlds offer a comprehensive overview of nVent RAYCHEM applications and explain how these systems work. 

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Advanced heat tracing solutions, primarily for the general process, oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries. Learn about our complete electrical heat management systems and how they work.

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We provide quality solutions for winter safety, comfort and performance to building and infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance professionals. Learn how heat tracing, leak detection, and floor heating systems work.

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Heat tracing solutions that keep people and infrastructure safe from harm, enhance building performance, and bring comfort into the home. Find out more about our residential systems and how they work.

What's NEXT from nVent?

A More Sustainable and Electrified World

Our nVent RAYCHEM, TRACER, PYROTENAX and NUHEAT solutions work to connect and protect a more sustainable and electrified world.

Other RAYCHEM News

Design Tools

TraceCalc Pro

Download our advanced software to design major heat tracing projects.

TraceCalc Net

Web-based tool to design a simple, multi-circuit heat trace system.