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Building Safety and Electrical Protection

Rely on nVent ERICO, PYROTENAX and ERIFLEX for lightning protection systems and fire rated wiring solutions that mitigate risk in commercial buildings. Meeting strict standards and codes, our products help safeguard your commercial space.

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Concrete Construction

nVent LENTON concrete reinforcement solutions are trusted and proven in bridges, roadways and commercial buildings, helping engineers achieve structural integrity and continuity of rebar installation while meeting or exceeding local codes and enhancing safety.

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Data Center & Networking Solutions

nVent HOFFMAN, SCHROFF and CADDY offer a complete range of modular platforms, designed for flexibility and compatibility – racks and cabinets, cooling, power, cable pathway, leak detection and more.

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Electrical Safety

nVent HOFFMAN provides disconnect enclosures, electrical interlocks, IR windows, data ports and safety lockouts engineered to the industry's most stringent IEC, UL, IP and NEMA standards.

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Electrical Enclosure Solutions

nVent HOFFMAN electrical enclosures provides smart, tailored electrical enclosure solutions that meet or exceed the highest industry standards, including UL, IP and NEMA, for mild to harsh environments, virtually anywhere.

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Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions

nVent RAYCHEM solutions keep critical processes operational, protect pipes and equipment from freezing, keep the flow in transfer lines and provide winter safety in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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Electronics Packaging

With a wide range of products designed to protect and cool sensitive electronics, paired with industry-leading quality, support and service, nVent SCHROFF is well-positioned to be your differentiated design partner for applications including instrumentation, railway, datacom and telecom equipment.

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Industrial Electronics Enclosures

From 19" cabinets and subracks, to small form factor enclosures, nVent SCHROFF offers a wide variety of products to product electronics in industrial environments.

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Fastening and Hanging

nVent CADDY is the trusted and proven hanging solution, ideal for commercial electrical, datacom, fire sprinkler, seismic, HVAC and telecom applications.

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Floor Heating

nVent NUHEAT solutions combine comfort with innovative and energy efficient electric radiant floor heating technology and thermostats.

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Leak Detection

Protect your industrial sites and commercial buildings from water and fuel leaks with nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek solutions.

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Power Distribution

Rely on nVent RAYCHEM, HOFFMAN, SCHROFF and ERIFLEX for a wide range of power management and power distribution solutions for heat tracing panels, power management software and intelligent PDU's.

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Power & Signal Systems

Reliable solutions to enhance railway safety and reliability, including cable-to-rail connection products and surge and lightning protection solutions

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Transportation Enclosures

nVent SCHROFF electronics enclosures and related products withstand harsh environmental conditions while providing easy access to the systems inside. Our modular product platform, specific application expertise and innovative new technology offer individual solutions for railway engineering.