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nVent ERICO Applications

Learn more about how nVent ERICO grounding and bonding, lightning protection and surge protection products are used in several applications including rail, commercial buildings, telecommunications, energy storage and power utility.

railway system, communication-based train control, railway network

Rail Connection, Protection and Maintenance

nVent ERICO is the leading provider of cable-to-rail connection solutions, railway surge protection devices, direct lightning protection, railway clips and more.

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Commercial and Industrial

nVent ERICO solutions are in water treatment plants, industrial facilities, distribution centers and several kinds of commercial buildings. 

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Concept of energy storage system. Renewable energy power plants - photovoltaics, wind turbine farm and  battery container. 3d rendering.

Energy Storage

Protect energy storage systems from lightning and surge damage with nVent ERICO grounding, bonding and power connection solutions.

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telecommunication infrastructure


nVent ERICO is used for several telecommunications applications including core central office, fixed and wireless infrastructure, edge coimputing and satellitte communications.

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Power Utility

nVent ERICO provides several utility product solutions for power generation stations and substations, and power transmission and distribution poles.

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