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Clamps and Clips

Clamps and Clips

Cable Tray and Accessories

Cable Tray and Accessories

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Wire Basket Support Clip

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SCA Cable Snap Clip Adaptor

Accessory for the snap clip product line that accomodates larger steel flange and multiple snap clip configurations.
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Cable Tie with Flange Clip

Effective means of cable support and secureness to structural steel beam elements. Easy to install, hammer-on and wrap the integrated cable tie to neatly install along structural steel flange.
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Push In Conduit Clamp

Easy to install, tool-free conduit support that provides stabilitiy and secureness. Provides the proper spacing to facilitate electrical box alignment, thus eliminating additional steps during installation.
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Wire Basket Tray Clip

Tool-free, universal attachment for wire basket tray to standard strut profiles. Works with any commercially available wire basket tray. Ideal compliment to our CADDY cable tray support offering.
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BC200-CD Conduit to Beam Clamp

Effective conduit support that provides stabilitiy and secureness for beam and flange applications. Provides the means to support conduits to structural steel elements.
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Cable/Conduit Clip

Tool free method to secure conduit and armored cable to threaded rod or wire.
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Pipe/Cable Clamp

The C-CR cable clamp system can be used to secure pipe or cable to strut.
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EM-M Conduit/Pipe to Flange Clip

Easy, hammer-on method to secure conduit from a structural steel element with a snap close fastener.
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C-EC Cable to Strut Clamp

Safely clamp cables directly to strut and channels.