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Trusted Data Center and Networking Solutions for a Connected World

nVent solutions are designed to ensure secure mission critical data availability combined with optimized efficiency at minimal cost of ownership.
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Optimizing Efficiency and Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

As a global leading solutions provider, nVent offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of adaptable, modular and scalable standard product platforms for networking, data center and communications applications.

Our solutions help drive sustainability, resiliency and energy efficiency for our customers while protecting mission critical systems. For example, liquid cooling technologies can offer up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional mechanical cooling.

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Equipping your data center is a dynamic process – you often need to add new systems. That’s why nVent’s products are modular and compatible with each other. Choose from standard, modified or completely custom-built solutions. Your benefit: maximum protection and scalability.

Communication Infrastructure


Facility Protection Technology




In-Row 45 Cooling Unit. Goodbye Service Callouts!

Take your data center cooling to the next level with the In-Row 45 – an efficient, high-performance cooling solution!

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Rack Safety Plus Product Configuration

Select the power input, power output, additional features such as a surge arrester or EMC filter based on your infrastructure.
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Why Liquid Cooling?

Liquid cooling systems offer effective solutions for achieving required temperature parameters and lowering energy consumption of cooling systems, thus lowering operating costs.

Making the Switch to Liquid Cooling

Electrification is driving next-generation technologies that outpace the ability of traditional data infrastructure—especially in the area of cooling.

nVent Named Top 10 Data Solutions Provider by CIO Applications

nVent solutions were recognized by CIO Applications for delivering reliable, scalable and innovative cooling, physical security and power distribution solutions.

Designing data centers that minimize environmental impact

nVent provides a wide range of solutions that keep liquids flowing and prevent snow and ice buildup, all the while monitoring liquid sources for leaks.

Virtual World

Data center facility planners, thermal engineers and architects are responsible for enabling the mission critical internet and cloud services that we all depend on. This critical infrastructure allows us to take advantage of the benefits of rapidly developing technologies that are changing the way we work, shop and interact with one another in an electrified world.

With a few clicks, you can deep dive into market-specific applications and access the corresponding product portfolio. Detailed views of complex products are used to provide insights into the core components, with easy access to in-depth technical information, product videos, advantages and benefits.

Navigate at your convenience or schedule a guided tour with your nVent sales representative.



Case Studies


A New Standard Cooling Solution

The high-density cooling server rack maximizes energy efficiency while taking up minimal floor space relative to the amount of equipment it can hold.

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