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Heating Control Systems

nVent trackside heating solutions include control and telemetry products, forming systems that can be controlled from on-site and remote locations. We offer control systems for contact rail, catenary, and switch-heating applications. nVent trackside heating control panels contain standard industry PLCs, electronics and hardware, and SCADA system components that link on-site controllers to off-site operator interfaces via wireless data transmission. Because every trackside heating requirement is unique, we provide custom control panel configurations for each project to ensure proper fit and function. Offering this comprehensive line of control and telemetry products is one of the many ways that nVent connects and protects critical systems that improve rail safety and reliability.


Adding control and telemetry modules to nVent trackside heating systems allows for numerous operational configurations and functional advantages, including:

  • Real-time control and monitoring capability, allowing for operations on site or at a remote dispatch center.
  • Data communication, providing real-time power consumption data and retaining historical records for analysis.
  • Operational simplicity, allowing most troubleshooting to be performed remotely.Industry standard components that easily integrate into, and interface with, existing sub-systems (e.g., power distribution centers and safety equipment), which are easy to replace when necessary.
  • Cost savings through strategic system utilization of heating system, especially with features like automatic on/off functionality that can be preprogrammed based on certain criteria.


Trackside Control Panels

  • 600–750 VDC capabilities•

  • 250A switching capability•

  • Available surge/lightning protection•

  • Fuse boxes 

Control Communication Systems

  • Wireless, fiber optic, RS-485•

  • Telemetry to and from OCS SCADA interface•

  • Touchscreen user interface (HMI)•

  • Data recording and analytics

Hardware Requirements

  • Control panel•

  • 2.4GHz/900MHz wireless radio•

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)•

  • Industrial PCs• SCADA software


English (Americas) Datasheet Elexant 860c


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