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Flow Maintenance

Maintain Flow in Grease Waste Piping & Fuel Oil Lines

Flow maintenance involves heating a fluid with grease waste heat trace cables, lowering its viscosity so it can flow through a pipe or a tank. nVent RAYCHEM solutions are suited to  maintain a wide range of fluid temperatures in a variety of applications, including fuel oil lines and grease waste piping.

Grease Waste Management 

nVent RAYCHEM grease waste heat trace systems are designed to maintain a 43 °C / 110 °F

fluid temperature and keep the fat, oil, grease mixture (FOG) in suspension from the kitchen to the grease interceptor. By maintaining flow in even the most demanding commercial kitchens, this system can reduce costs associated with maintenance and down-time by keeping grease flowing.

Fuel Oil Maintenance

A fuel line flow maintenance system is designed to maintain the fluid temperature to maintain flow. Typical applications include fuel lines that carry #2 fuel oil maintained at 4 °C / 40 °F, #6 fuel oil maintained at 43 °C / 110 °F or other fluids with viscosity that decreases sufficiently below 65 °C / 150 °F to enable flow.

TraceCalc Pro for Buildings

Easy-to-use online design tool to create simple or complex heat tracing designs for flow maintenance applications.

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