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Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

nVent ERIFLEX Products

Optimize Electrical Power Connections with nVent ERIFLEX Solutions

Our comprehensive range of nVent ERIFLEX innovations combines rigorous standards with uniquely flexible solutions, making our products ideal for many applications worldwide, including both indoor and outdoor solutions. Regardless of the application, you can feel confident knowing nVent ERIFLEX delivers low-voltage power distribution solutions to reduce your total installed cost while increasing design flexibility.

Indoor Solutions

nVent ERIFLEX Products Installed

nVent ERIFLEX Creates Space, Weight and Time Savings

Traditional cable wire isn’t suitable for the next generation of electrical systems. With the rising trend of electrification and digitization, more components need to fit into a smaller footprint. This not only increases risk and requires components to be meet strict safety requirements but also creates a need for solutions that can be customized yet scalable.

Our patented nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology meets today’s challenges as it is designed for performance in high-temperature environments. The latest generation of nVent insulation is designed with materials that are low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant, ultimately enhancing safety and reliability in enclosed indoor spaces. Additionally, nVent ERIFLEX products mitigate hazards by eliminating accessories, such as lugs. Our proprietary lugless technology reduces the risk of potential hot spots in your power distribution.

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Featured Products

nVent ERIFLEX Advanced products offer a competitive edge by reducing installation time, labor and volume. Find the product that’s right for your next project. 


Our products and solutions hold a wide range of certifications across the industry, meeting even the most stringent global compliance requirements. When coupled with our industry history and expertise, using our patented nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology can help create safer installations for your unique outdoor application needs.

Along with Class II certification for conductors with high-temperature resistance up to 115 °C, our product line with Advanced Technology holds certifications for these standards:

ERIFLEX Certifications

Specify nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology on Your Next Project

Download specifications for all nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology products at once and insert them directly into your specification documents.

Custom Designed Solutions

Engineering and Design

Learn more about our Engineering and Design services.

Custom Engineered and Made-to-Order ERIFLEX Solutions

Let nVent ERIFLEX solve your design and production scheduling challenges. By leveraging our nVent ERIFLEX solutions coupled with our engineering expertise, designers and manufacturers can reduce total installation costs while improving safety and reliability, and meeting stringent customer requirements. The nVent ERIFLEX in-house Engineering team can provide consultation and support to design and quote for unique, complex electrical applications.


Due to their unique flexibility, reliability and global compliance, nVent ERIFLEX solutions are used in a variety of applications, such as:


Industrial and Commercial Enclosures

data center infrastructure, data center management


Concept of energy storage system. Renewable energy power plants - photovoltaics, wind turbine farm and  battery container. 3d rendering.

Energy Storage

AdobeStock_305433246.jpeg image

E-Mobility and EV Charging


Marine Transportation and Machinery


Oil and Gas

AdobeStock_287551256.jpeg image

Chemical Renewable Energy


Food and Beverage

Additional Applications

Want to learn more about how nVent ERIFLEX can address challenges in your industry today? Visit our Applications Page.

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