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Introducing nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus

Innovative solution for connecting critical electric components: transformers, switchboards, generators and UPS. Use for applications from 500A to 6300A. 

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More about nVent ERIFLEX

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nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology

Improve the life of electrical power conductors by offering proven reliability and performance with Advanced Technology—built to last with long-term design in mind and the flexibility to handle any application.

Piece of typical industrial space. Concept of manufacturing and industrial business, Industry background. Selective focus.

nVent ERIFLEX Customized Solutions

nVent ERIFLEX has the products and engineering support you need to specify and build a complete range of solutions for industries like: energy, transportation, construction and other applications where low voltage power storage and transmission are critical.


Construction and structure concept of engineer working drawing on blueprint meeting for project working with partner on model building and engineering tools in working site, construction concept.

Engineering Design Services

Learn more about the nVent ERIFLEX engineering design service offering.

Solar Panel Photovoltaic installation on a Roof of factory, sunny blue sky background, alternative electricity source - Sustainable Resources Concept.

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

See more about how nVent ERIFLEX can be used in typical indoor and outdoor panel solutions.


Electric Panel Solutions

Learn more about how nVent ERIFLEX can be used to maximize utilization of space in panels for low-voltage power connections.

nVent ERIFLEX Resources

Browse the full nVent ERIFLEX catalog of brochures, product videos and more.