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Ground Mesh

Prefabricated ground mesh from nVent ERICO is a convenient, efficient and economical means of improving grounding systems at facilities with high voltage installations and wherever large area grounds are required. Equipotential mesh reduces step potentials at power plants and substations, and effectively minimizes ground plane fluctuations at communications antenna sites. Wire mesh is also an excellent ground screen, reflector and electronic shield for large facilities.

Prefabricated ground mesh is also easy to install, as no digging or trenching is required. Simply unroll over the ground, interconnect by welding to adjacent sections of mesh using nVent ERICO Cadweld, then weld to the main ground grid in substations or weld to ground rods. The mesh may be covered with a layer of earth or crushed stone depending on the application.

The nVent ERICO Cadweld process provides a rapid and economical method of interconnecting mesh in the field. The resulting weld is permanent and corrosion resistant, and has a current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor.

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