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Onboard Systems Supporting Digital Railways

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Metro train systems play a vital role in the functioning of modern cities, helping people get to work, visit family and maintain active social lives. Many urban metro systems in Europe were designed years ago. While trains themselves are designed to last decades, their onboard systems must be regularly updated.

Continually retrofitting trains for modern applications is an important part of running a functional metro system. Modern tracking and signaling requires trains to be outfitted with onboard communications equipment. Damage to this equipment could result in the entire metro system shutting down because operators may no longer be able to see a train’s location or communicate with that train. nVent solutions can bring critical protection to these essential systems.

In addition to location monitoring systems, improving onboard systems on trains can ease the implementation of more advanced features like high-speed WiFi for passengers. Improved passenger information systems can also help people better plan their commutes. A 4G LTE or 5G network can provide the necessary bandwidth for both critical systems and infotainment requirements.

Modernizing aging equipment presents a few challenges, such as the need to install more electronics in small onboard spaces. Additionally, engineers need to maximize space in the train for passengers and operators, and consider electromagnetic interference when adding electrical systems.

For operation in mobile environments, electronic systems require a physical construction capable of withstanding extreme conditions in harsh environments. nVent keeps railway vehicles running smoothly with enclosures solutions for on-board electronics and embedded communication systems.

For more than 50 years, our industry-leading solutions have supported rail operators all over the world. We offer enclosure solutions for electronic applications, which feature products specifically designed for the railway industry. Our high-quality enclosures resist shock and vibration to provide robust shielding for critical electronic systems. They also offer value-added features, such as cooling solutions, to protect against internal overheating.

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