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Novatek halves production time by automating processes with nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 163


The solution helps leading Italian panel builder to increase quality and reduce costs.
For over 20 years, Parma, Italy-based panel builder Novatek S.R.L. has served a loyal customer base attracted by its quality product and high standards of service. To streamline and automate its production process, the company looked to nVent.


Seeking to expand production capacity as part of the Italian government’s Industria 4.0 campaign encouraging the digitization of industry, Novatek began exploring automation solutions that would be suitable for a small manufacturer like itself. nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter solutions stood out by offering the potential to drive both efficiency and cost savings.

Following detailed discussions with the nVent team and demonstrations of the technology, Novatek selected the nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 163, a versatile, automated modification solution for the machining and building of electrical control panels and enclosures.

“As a small company, we’re always on the lookout for innovation that can provide us with a competitive advantage and a rapid return on investment,” said Davide Tondelli, Owner at Novatek. “The nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 163 satisfied both those requirements.”



nVent delivered the ‘Swiss Army knife’ versatility and precision Novatek was looking for by automating the measurement, marking, drilling, tapping, milling and etching of enclosures, side panels, mounting plates and cubicles – and even materials such as plastics.

Supported by ARES Commander computer-aided design software and an extensive symbol library, the nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 163 deployment incorporates automatic rotary clamps that eliminate the need to manually adjust clamps that would otherwise obstruct a cut and Zero Point modules that enable two panels to be processed simultaneously.

With vibrationless operation, ModCenter works faster and with greater accuracy than comparative solutions, providing precision up to a tenth of a millimeter.


Since its deployment, the nVent HOFFMAN ModeCenter 163 modification solution has reduced production time at Novatek’s Parma production facility by at least half through automated workflows and other efficiencies, according to Mr. Tondelli.
At the same time, the solution has improved quality through precision manufacturing and the elimination of human errors.


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